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Tiny looking chia seeds are actually a wealth of properties. Along with keeping them physically healthy, they can also help in reducing the symptoms of many diseases. Yes, if someone is seriously ill, there is nothing better than medical treatment. In this article of Stylecrase, we are telling you the benefits of chia seeds. Also, here we will also tell about the disadvantages of chia seeds.

What is Chia Seed?

Many people have a misconception that chia seeds and basil seeds are one and the same vegetable, but this is not true. Chia seeds are scientifically known as Salvia hispanica. These seeds are mainly found in Mexico. These seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, protein, antioxidants and calcium. This is the reason why chia seeds are classified as superfoods. Its seeds are black, gray and white in color.

Why are chia seeds good for your health?

Chia seeds are rich in many nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, protein, antioxidants and calcium. Due to the presence of these nutrients, chia seeds can be beneficial in many serious problems like diabetes, high lipid, high BP, depression, anxiety, pain and inflammation. Because of this, chia seeds are considered good for health. How chia seeds prove to be helpful in all these problems, we will know in detail further in the article.

Benefits Of Chia Seeds

1).Beneficial for heart health

Chia seed benefits also include maintaining heart health. The proof of this is found in a research of NCBI. Research has recognized that chia seeds are a rich source of fiber and may help maintain heart health due to the presence of fiber. Also, the omega-3 fatty acids present in it can help in reducing high blood pressure by controlling the excess of calcium and sodium.

2).Reduce cancer risk

The use of chia seeds can also be helpful in a deadly disease like cancer. The mention of this is clearly visible in four different research done on these seeds. A research by NCBI mentions that chia seeds contain fiber and phytochemicals (rich with antioxidant properties). Due to their presence, chia seeds may exhibit anticancer effects.

3).Helpful in reducing weight

People who are troubled by the problem of obesity and are trying to control the increased weight. Chia seeds benefits for them can prove to be useful. According to research conducted by Nutrition Research and Practice, consuming chia seeds in the morning breakfast can calm the appetite for some time.

4).Enriched with Antiinflammatory Properties

NCBI research based on rats clearly mentions that due to the omega-3 fatty acids present in chia seeds, it may exhibit anti-inflammatory properties. Due to this property, along with general inflammation, it can also provide relief in pain due to inflammation in bones and joints.

5).Helpful in increasing energy

According to experts, chia seeds are rich in lipids, proteins and minerals as well as many types of fatty acids. For this reason it is considered a good source of energy. On this basis, it would not be wrong to say that the benefits of chia seeds also include providing energy by supplying essential nutrients.

6).Improve sleep

The use of chia seeds can also prove beneficial in the problem of insomnia. This is confirmed by a research related to chia seeds. It is mentioned in research that a special element called tryptophan is found in chia seeds. At the same time, research has also believed that tryptophan is useful for mental health. Also, it can be helpful in the problem of insomnia with anxiety and depression. On this basis, it would not be wrong to say that chia seeds can prove to be helpful in the problem of insomnia.

7).Mood improvement

The benefits of chia seeds can be achieved in terms of mood swings and improvement of mood. A research related to the health benefits of chia seeds confirms this. It is mentioned in research that a special element called tryptophan is found in chia seeds, which is useful for mental health. Along with this, it can also prove to be helpful in controlling impulsive behavior (mental impulsivity) with anxiety, depression.

8).Useful in pregnancy

Along with other health benefits, the benefits of chia seeds can also prove to be beneficial for pregnant women. This is mentioned in the research of NCBI related to the health benefits of chia seeds. Research has believed that consumption of chia seeds during pregnancy can lead to the development of the retina and brain of the fetus.

9).Beneficial for skin

The benefits of chia seeds can also bring relief to some common skin problems. According to a research by NCBI, chia seed oil may be helpful in lichen simplex chronic (inflammation of the skin), prurigo nodularis (rash and itching). At the same time it can provide moisture to the skin. It would not be wrong to say based on the fact that chia seed oil can be useful for the skin.

10).Chia seeds for hair

The use of chia seeds for health and skin as well as hair can exhibit positive effects. The reason is that chia seeds contain an amino acid called cysteine, which plays an important role in skin and hair growth. For this reason, using chia seeds can help strengthen the hair.

Other benefits of chia seeds

Along with omega-3 fatty acids, manganese, magnesium, chia seeds contain a good amount of fat, carbohydrates and many essential nutrients like fiber. This is the reason why the consumption of chia seeds can help to meet the deficiency of all these nutrients to some extent. At the same time, vegetarians can use it as an egg substitute due to the presence of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Along with this it is also gluten free. Because of this, the intestines do not have to work too hard to digest these seeds.

Side Effects Of Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are high in fiber. For this reason, it can cause stomach problems such as abdominal pain or flatulence. Therefore, try consuming it in moderation. If all goes well, then consume it regularly or every other day.

If someone is sensitive and quickly allergic to new things, consult a doctor or specialist before consuming chia seeds for the first time. An allergy to chia seeds can cause problems such as itching, vomiting and diarrhea.

Chia seeds have blood thinning properties . If someone is already taking blood thinners, avoid taking it. Even if you undergo any kind of surgery, avoid its consumption, because after surgery it can cause excessive bleeding.

Uses Of Chia Seeds

Consume chia seeds soaked in water

If you want to take good benefits and properties of chia seeds, then soak chia seeds in water for overnight. Chia seeds soaked in water overnight will turn into chia gel, which can be consumed by adding to smoothies or protein shakes. If someone is in a hurry, put the chia seeds and water in a jar, close the lid and let it dissolve for five to ten minutes. It will start feeling like a gel, then consume it.

Chia Seeds with Yogurt

Eating chia seeds mixed with curd in breakfast is the easiest way to consume it. You can also eat this seed by mixing it in your smoothie. Chia seeds can also be eaten by sprinkling them in other foods. You can consume chia seeds by adding them to soups or sauces. It can even be added to porridge.

Make chia seed powder and consume it

Chia seeds can also be consumed by making powder. It can be easily grinded in a coffee grinder. Keep in mind that before this grind a little chawla, so that the grinder becomes clean and the smell of coffee does not come in the chia seeds. After grinding, its powder may feel a bit sticky and stick to the teeth, but this will give you all the nutrients present in it.

How to Choose and Preserve Chia Seeds

Through the following points, we can know about the ways to preserve chia seeds, which are as follows –

Chia seeds can be stored for a long time in an airtight container at room temperature.

The gel prepared by soaking two tablespoons of chia seeds in about 250 ml of water can be stored in the refrigerator for about two weeks.

Chia seeds can be stored for up to a year by placing them in a plastic zip bag and keeping the air out of the fridge.

At the same time, keeping chia seeds in a plastic zip bag and keeping it in the freezer can be preserved for five to ten years.

Viral Alia bhatt chia pudding recipe


Material Required:

  • 1 scoop roasted chia seeds
  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • 1 scoop protein powder
  • Stevia drops (to taste)


Step 1: Firstly put some chia seeds in a pan on medium flame and fry them. Dry roast them for a few minutes and take them out from the bowl. Let them cool down for some time.

Step 2: Now in a separate bowl add protein powder and coconut milk. You can use a spoon or fork to mix them well. Make sure that there are no lumps in the mixture.

Step 3: After this add as much stevia as you want and mix a little. You can add any other sweetener of your choice like jaggery, honey, sugar free etc. It will add sweetness to your dish in a healthy way.

Step 4: Lastly, add the roasted chia seeds and mix well. Put the bowl in the fridge for 30-40 minutes.

Step 5: Lastly, You Can Have Your Chia Seeds. You can garnish the halwa with chopped fresh fruits or nuts for better taste. Enjoy the pleasure!

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