What Is Gratitude? Benefits and Practices Of Gratitude

Most people overlook the importance of gratitude. The Law of Attraction says that “our thoughts become our reality” and whatever we focus on, we can achieve that be it money, success, health etc. Gratitude or gratitude is an important part of the Law of Attraction. It strengthens your faith and helps you achieve the results you want.

It works like this – When you focus on the things that you already have and the things that are good in your life when you express gratitude for them then according to the Law of Attraction these Things escalate further. On the other hand, when you express gratitude for the things that you want to achieve in your life, then through the power of Gratitude , you can achieve those things as soon as possible.

Gratitude is a powerful tool, which can change life and Gratitude is a divine quality. Shri Ramchandra ji is a living example of this. When the search for Sita Mata had started, everyone had reached the seashore while searching. There was a problem that how to cross the sea.

Shri Ram sits on the seashore and requests the sea to give way to this Samundar Maharaj. Everyone knows this incident.

Somehow when the work of building the bridge starts and all the bears and monkeys get up and throw the stones in the sea and the work of building the bridge starts.

There is a small squirrel in it, who picks up a small stone and throws it in the sea. Seeing this, all the monkeys laugh, but Ram goes there and expresses his gratitude to that little squirrel, showing Gratitude there.

What is Gratitude?

Saying thank you to any thing, person or event or the whole universe that has helped you in any way in any work shows to be Gratitude.

Some great thinkers believe that if all the powers of the universe are summed up in just one word, then that word will be thank you, thank you, or thank you..!! This is the high-energy word of the universe, a few minutes of practice of this word has the power to change anyone’s life and this practice is called “practice of gratitude” .

Jay Shetty, World’s biggest podcast host ,youtuber and writer says, “Words of a friend, an act of kindness, an opportunity, a lesson, a new pillow, the recovery of a loved one, the memory of a joyous moment.

When you start your day with Gratitude, all the obstacles automatically get removed and the doors of new opportunities open up. You will not be attracted towards complaint but towards creativity. You will avoid negative thoughts and you will find new avenues for your growth.”

Gratitude Is Good For You

There are many benefits of feeling gratitude or expressing gratitude. Many people have expressed their views on this. Mental diseases and mental disorders get away with Gratitude Feel. All that feeling of dissatisfaction with life is lost.

A research was done to measure the benefits of Gratitude. Research took two groups of people and both groups were asked to write a journal during the day.

One group was asked to write such things in your journal for which you feel grateful. The other group was asked to write down the moments of the day that made you angry. The moment that is disturbing to you.

In the evening their views were collected from both the groups one by one.

The group that was asked to write a thank you moment was found to have lower stress levels in the evening hours.And those who were told to write the irritating moments, the stress level was very high in the evening time.

Scientists have suggested that whoever has thoughts running through his mind throughout the day, worries continue to haunt him. Before sleeping at night, he should write those moments in diary for which he feels thankful.

Sandeep Maheshwari has also talked about the benefits of Gratitude in one of his videos and said that everyone should maintain a Gratitude journal.

A variety of research and experiments have been conducted over the past 10 years to learn the practice of gratitude. You too can reap the many benefits from the infinite possibilities that exist in the universe by practicing for a few minutes every day.

During one such research, some 300 college students were selected for 12 weeks, who were complaining of some kind of mental anxiety and stress, these 300 students were divided into 3 groups. Group A, Group B and Group C and all these three groups were given the same counseling and Group A was asked to write a letter every week, in that letter, they were asked to express their gratitude to one person, which means that Group B was asked to write a letter every week. Asked to write down their negative experiences and thoughts on a page

Group C was not given the task of writing anything, only counseling was given, the results of this experiment were surprising.

Group A students who were writing a letter of thanks or gratitude to one person every week saw some relief from stress and anxiety in the fourth week itself, and at 12 weeks they started seeing positivity both mentally, physically and emotionally.

Group B was asked to write down negative experiences and thoughts, most of the students did not see any difference in stress anxiety, but some students complained of showing more stress than before. No improvement was seen in Group C in which all the students were only counseled.

After this, after 12 weeks, to scientifically compare the changes in the brain of the three groups, some students from each group were selected and MRI scanners were used to see their activity, as well as these students were given this knowledge. During this, some special tasks were also given and the results of Group A were very positive and satisfactory in these tasks, while Group B and Group C did not show such changes.

And the thing to note here is that group A wrote a letter of gratitude once every week. Not only does it relieve stress and discomfort, but with its regular practice, you feel positive and emotionally strong in other areas of your life as well.

In the last 10 years, it has been scientifically proved by many similar research that the part of the brain that controls the left brain and right brain, which is also called the medial prefrontal cortex, activates as soon as gratitude comes in the brain. Along with this, happiness hormones like dopamine and shortax also start being produced in the brain, which reduce depression fear anxiety and make you feel happy.

If you practice gratitude regularly for a few minutes, there are many benefits to the body, brain, personality and career and social level. you become happier than before.

Gratitude can change our life in many ways, but first we have to see for ourselves where we are, we have to look inside ourselves and take everything out. In fact, we are not even honest about the things we are not grateful for. We wish we were thankful for things but we don’t.

That’s why take some time to look at your life a little more deeply, in the book of The Secret, a simple formula has been given for Gratitude, that formula is to think about anything and say thank you to the world for that. It really will happen but here some steps are missing like you need to take action for the things you want to achieve or fix and it is really very simple.

Benefits Of Gratitude

1. Gratitude Makes Us Happy

When you start paying attention to the things that we already have and are grateful for them, then you separate this feeling from the rest of your negative attitude. When thoughts of positive emotion keep coming inside you, then it is obvious. You will feel good about yourself.

If you remember those things, what has been good in your life, what achievements you have achieved, how many things you have done well on so many things, think about these things and be thankful for them, your mind will be happy.

2. Gratitude Improves Our Mood

If you are not in a good mood, it could be because you have not got what you want, or have been meeting you, or you are not happy with what you have.

When the spirit of gratitude is conscious in your life, whatever happens is for your good. And whatever happens will be good.

When you understand this, then whenever your mood is bad, these gratitude sentences will come in your mind, that whatever happened is good.

3. Gratitude is in seeing the beauty in everything

When the sense of gratitude becomes conscious in your life, when you become a thankful person. Then you see the good in everything. You start seeing good things in everything.

Then you start seeing the good in others, not the flaws in others. Then even if you get a small injury, you will smile and say thank you, you have to avoid a big injury. Then when someone comes, you will not say that you left empty handed, you will say – you have sighed, that is enough, this is the magic when gratitude comes in your life.

4. Gratitude Keeps Us Patience and Calm

When there is no gratitude in your life, then you are a different kind of person, and when you adopt gratitude in your life, then you become the possessor of a different personality.

Gratitude proves to be very effective in keeping us patient and calm. A grateful person can never be patient. Because his man is always disturbed about the things which are not in his life. He always feels the emptiness in his life.

A grateful person is always complaining about his life, complaining about people, complaining about things and finding faults in everything. This is the reason why he can never remain calm in his life and those who are grateful are just the opposite.

5. Gratitude teaches us how to deal with difficult situations

A grateful person gives thanks to his God in every situation of his life. Understanding their will and agreeing. He does not complain about what is happening in his life, but maintains patience.

And this grateful spirit which sings the courage to persevere even in difficult situations. The experience of gratitude brings him out of those difficult situations easily and he does not accept defeat even in the most difficult times of his life.

Ungrateful people break down in difficult situations, accept their defeat. He does not have the ability to fight the situation, all he can do is to blame people and God for this situation.

The practice of gratitude can have significant positive effects on both physical and psychological health. Some of the benefits of gratitude that researchers have uncovered include:

  • sleeps better
  • better immunity
  • high self esteem
  • stress reduction
  • low blood pressure
  • less anxiety and depression
  • strong relationships
  • high levels of optimism

According to psychologist Robert Emmons, gratitude can have a transformative effect on people’s lives for a number of reasons. Because it helps people focus on the present, it plays a role in increasing positive emotions. He also suggested that it could help improve people’s self-worth. When you accept that there are people in the world who care about you and are looking out for your interests, it can help you recognize your worth.

How To Practice Gratitude?

We can practice gratitude in many ways, some of which are described below-

Take a close look at your life and note what are the things that are playing an influential role in your life. And thank God for those things and take a vow that you will contribute to the increase of all those things and not to their destruction.

Give up all the things that bring you down. Use your discretion wisely; Do not consider yourself to be an animal, respect your consciousness and keep the truth as the goal.

Whenever you get a chance, participate in the good work of the society and wherever you see policemen, sweepers, doctors and people involved in social service, express your gratitude towards them. Its spread is possible only by practicing gratitude.

After waking up every day, thank God for this new day and all the things you have. I am doing this in practice since last one year and it is really very beneficial.

Respect everything in nature. This respect will show you your sense of gratitude. The more you express gratitude for things, the more you will find that you are becoming closer to yourself and your outlook on life is changing.

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