10 Benefits Of Meditation-How to do Meditation? Full details

Meditation – There is no end to the glory of meditation. Modern science claims that with meditation it is possible to cure many diseases. In many serious diseases, pain can be reduced with the help of meditation. In difficult situations, with the help of meditation, one can keep oneself in total. The importance of meditation has also been told in Mahabharata and Ramayana. Today, an attempt is being made to add meditation to the criteria of modern science.

Meditation acts as a multivitamin for the brain. Research is being done in the big universities of western countries by spending millions of dollars on this. Research has revealed many benefits of meditation. But the concept of meditation is not new, thousands of years ago, our ancestors were also aware of its benefits. That’s why he associated it with religion. In earlier times, whatever habit or deed was good for us, it was associated with religion. Whether or not the biggest example of this is meditation alone does not concentrate the mind,It works to enhance our personality.

Benefits Of Meditation

1). Meditation reduces stress:-

According to a research published in Health Psychology, the biggest weapon to reduce stress is meditation. It has been seen in research that by meditating, hormones that increase stress start decreasing. Tonya Jacobs of the University of California said that meditation reduces stress. This has been researched for the first time. 57 people were included in the research, they were taught every detail of meditation, from breathing to positive thinking.

2). Familiarize yourself with yourself:-

Through meditation one gets to know himself more. We try to know a lot about others but remain ignorant about our own shortcomings. This is because it is not in our nature to hear bitter things about ourselves from others. And you don’t feel the need to look at your flaws. Meditation draws us closer to our shortcomings. By careful we know where we are doing wrong? What are you doing wrong? A

We can say that meditation gives us a chance to rectify our shortcomings. Gives yourself a chance to upgrade. It can be said that meditation is such a medicine that eliminates the shortcomings inside us, that too without any cost.

3). Also top in studies carefully :-

Students who meditate are also good in studies, they also get good marks in exams. A research was done on college students at the University of California, the result of which was that the students who meditated, solved the reasoning questions easily, their memory was also better than others.

4). Beneficial for the army:

Meditation can also prove to be helpful for the army. It is said that Chanakya had mastered meditation to make Chandragupta a mighty warrior. Meditation keeps soldiers free from stress even in odd condition. Research is being done in America on how meditation can further improve the skills of its soldiers.

5). Maintains good mental health:-

Researchers at the University of Organa believe that meditation is the best medicine for mental health. Meditation creates a protective shield around the brain which protects it from any harm.

6). Beneficial in arthritis:-

According to a research conducted in the year 2011, arthritis patients also benefit from meditation. In research, it was found that meditation does not relieve the pain of arthritis, but it does relieve the tension caused by that pain. Experts say that a person becomes strong by meditation, due to which he can easily overcome minor problems.

7) Beneficial for doctors too:

Doctors also benefit from meditation, in a research it has been found that the doctors who meditate, they treat their patients without stress, they also listen carefully to their words.

8). Mental benefits of meditation practice:-

Thoughts keep running in our mind throughout the day. When we sit down to meditate and focus our attention on the meeting of the soul or the third mole,So our mind starts to calm down. Our attention is diverted from the problems of the outside world and we become completely at peace. Regular meditation practice increases our concentration. With this increase in the ability to concentrate, as well as by reducing stress, increasing energy, and improving relationships, we also achieve success in worldly tasks. We become more efficient and productive than ever before and are able to face the challenges of life better than ever before.

What Happens When You Meditate Everyday?

– The restlessness and instability of the mind and body are stopped by meditation.

– Meditation removes nervousness or nervousness.

– It becomes possible to follow rules and discipline in life.

– Meditation develops mental powers.

– Meditation increases creativity.

– No problem or stress dominates you.

– By removing anger, irritability, the nervous system (nervous system) remains calm.

– Meditation improves health, heart rate remains normal. Blood pressure remains under control.

– Improves focusĀ  in studying .

Meditation Tips – Regular practice is necessary to get the benefits of meditation well. Everyday it only takes some time. Once absorbed into the daily routine, meditation becomes an important part of the day. So meditate carefully.

How to do meditation (How To Meditate? Full Meditation Process, Stages Explained For Beginners)

How long should one meditate?

Start with 5-15 minutes of meditation daily. Gradually becoming a habit, you will be able to meditate for 30-45 minutes.

What is the easiest way to meditate?

Remember that there is no easy way to meditate. For this you need to practice regularly. Along with this, the skill of focusing the mind has to be learned, so that the mind can be stopped from wandering. Still, if you want, sit in a calm posture in Sukhasan for a while. Close your eyes and try to feel the positive energy inside you. During this, if you want, you can use some mantras like: Gayatri or others that you remember.

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