Change Your Life Using Subconscious Mind

Our subconscious mind has 95% control of our life and our behavior and whereas our conscious mind who is responsible for our creativity, logic imagination, has only 5% control of our life, just difficult is that the subconscious mind is a bit tricky.We do not learn anything easily, whatever we learn through books, lectures and education system, all those things reach only to our conscious mind, so how does this subconscious mind learns?

How To Control Your Subconscious Mind?

You must have heard people saying that they learn what they do in front of children, this is scientifically also¬† hundred percent true, whatever we learn till the age of 7 is well in our subconscious mind and that’s it. The program controls our whole life to come, perhaps that is why the children of rich people become richer.And the children of poor people remain poor, Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief Book, says that all this is a game of the subconscious mind.

We are surprised to see on Discovery that people keep lions and keep crocodiles but how is all this possible? Yes, this is possible because he keeps them in the middle of human beings at a very young age. A lion never understands that it is a lion, it is the law of Mother Nature that in the first few years of life, whether it is human or animal, it understands what it is so that it can fit into its family and community.

Mastering The Law Of Attraction

If we talk about a 7 year old child, then there is low frequency and low vibration in their brain, it is a kind of waves, due to these waves, children play the game of dolls, due to these waves, children play their parents and their surroundings. They learn by watching the people, whatever happens around the children, they do not understand, but they do record them.

Like if you tell the children that you will not be able to do it, then the child will not be able to feel confident for the whole life, his subconscious mind will try his best to prove his program right, that is why he will schedule his every action in such a way that he Will be afraid to do anything successful.

The author says that a child born in a middle class family will always think of saving money, will be afraid to take risks and will not be able to think big because it is sitting inside that good food, a small house and a small family, that’s all. Enough. At the same time, someone belonging to a rich business class will take a risk of crores of rupees.

If anger is programmed inside you, then you will not be able to stop your anger even if you want, perhaps that is why many criminals do not repent even by doing abominable work because their subconscious mind does not find it wrong because it is only according to their program.

Now that we understand that we have to change the program of our subconscious mind to change our life, but now how to do it?

How Our Subconscious Mind Learns?

The subconscious mind learns in two ways:-

The first method is Hipnosis – which we learn in the first few years of life

And the second is Repetition – When we learn to drive, we have to apply Effort for a few weeks but after that it gets programmed in our subconscious mind and we are able to drive the car well without putting much of our mind, this is repetition. That strength means that if you repeat any work, it will go into the program of your subconscious mind.

That’s why many motivational speakers say that until you get something, keep repeating it in your mind, like until you become successful, keep telling yourself that you are successful, until you become happy, keep saying to yourself. Keep saying that you are very happy, the author says that by doing this you are explaining to your subconscious mind and when it understands then you will get what you want.

How to do Repetition?

The author says that first of all record what you want, listen to it with headphones while you sleep, when you are about to fall asleep, then your conscious mind surrenders and its charge is taken by the subconscious mind, in the process the same waves in your brain. This is the stage in which a 7 year old child was born, it is called auto hypnosis.

Doctor Lipton always used to teach about genes and genetics in his class, according to which we are who we are according to our genetic makeup, our genes decide how our health will be, but after doing research on stem cells, he studied epigenetics. He has given the concept in which he told that we are born with genetic makeup.But which gene will be expressed inside us, it depends on the environment around us. He had to face a lot of difficulties and troubles for this concept.Doctor Lipton realized that everything he had taught in his class till date was wrong, he named this whole process epigenetics, at that time he had to face a lot of difficulties and troubles for his concept.

But today this science has proved that epigenetics has a huge impact on our overall growth and health, there is a model proving epigenetics which is called placebo therapy.

In placebo therapy, some medicines are given to the patient which in fact do not have any effect on the patient, but the patient is told that this medicine is a panacea for your disease and in fact the patient gets cured by that medicine. That is, in this case there is no medicine, the patient’s belief on that medicine cures him, nowadays doctors are also using placebo therapy for many major diseases.

How To Stay Positive,Tips For Postive Thinking

Just as positive thinking and positive belief of can cure your health like a miracle, in the same way negative thinking and negative belief can also spoil your health, it is called nosibo.

If we believe in genetics, then we will always feel like a victim i.e. if we have diseases like cancer, blood pressure and diabetes in our genes, then we will also be there because we have such full faith in genetics and that is why we will get all these diseases now you think. How would that happen?

Because negative thinking creates stress and stress itself is the root of many diseases, as soon as we feel stress, our body releases a hormone called cortisol or hormone which prepares us for any physical action immediately it is our liver, stomach. sends the flow of blood to our hands so that we can take immediate action and if we remain stable for a long time with this hormone then we can get many diseases.Along with this, this stress also spoils our immune system because in stress our brain gets a signal that something is wrong. It is engaged in alleviating tax stress.

So friends, if we sit on our genes and genetics, then we will become a victim and if we understand the principles of epigenetics and learn to program our body and our mind, then we can become a survivor from a victim and become a fighter.

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