Mastering The Law Of Attraction

You will get what you think – Laws of Attraction. It must be very strange to hear that friends will get what they think. But it is a fact, we get what we think. There is also a scientific reason for how this happens.

What is Law Of Attraction ?

Law of Attraction, “Any person, thing or other we think too much about, then a magnetic force starts working. And she starts joining us slowly. This is the principle of attraction. For example, this law of attraction works in such a way that if we think negatively, then bad things will happen to us automatically. And on the contrary, if we think positive, then everything starts going well with us. The law of attraction is one of the world’s great mysteries.Those who have understood this power have become great people of this world.

Does Law Of Attraction Actually Works?

The law of attraction, it is the power of a universe. Which is also accepted by scientists. As you all know that everything present in the universe is made of one energy. Everything in the world is an energy. According to the law, whatever we think we become. Because we go on trying to match our energy with the energy that we need. Whenever we think about something, an energy comes out of us. Now it depends on you whether you think positive or negative.Because that energy comes out according to your thinking.

Example Of Law Of Attraction:-

To attract money, you must focus on money. To bring money to you, you must create a new thought message of wealth.

When you focus on a lack of money or the consequences of not having enough, you are blocking all the money waiting for you with your thoughts. If your thoughts are on not having enough, you will never have enough.

If positive energy comes out, then that energy starts meeting with that energy. And whatever you want. He starts meeting you. On the contrary, if we think negatively, we will not get what we want. Just as the law of attraction is true, in the same way it is also true that that thing does not happen just by thinking. As Shahrukh Khan said in the movie Om Shanti Om-

If you want something with all your heart, then the whole universe gets ready to make it happen to you.

This sentence is 100% correct. And this happens because of the Law of Attraction. Friends, the matter is such that unless you do your work, even the flame of attraction will not work. This rule does not work just by thinking, one has to act with it.

How To Use Law Of Attraction?

#Think again and again about whatever you want, keep thinking positively.

#If you have a goal, write it down in a diary or copy.

#And read it once daily.

#If you love someone and want to marry him.

#Then this rule will be very useful for you.

#Remember you will get what you think.

#Throw out all the negative thoughts that come in your life from your mind.

#And no matter what the situation, #always think positive.

#Law of attraction is very powerful.

#It doesn’t happen that today you thought and tomorrow it will happen.

#It takes some time. But 100% they happen.

You can use it for career,studies, marriage or anything you want.

Power Of Law Of Attraction

Law of Attraction = Dreams + Willpower + Confidence

Keep your dreams alive If the spark of your dreams has been extinguished, it means that you have committed suicide while living.

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