Top 10 Deadliest Snake That Will Blow Your Mind

Most Dangerous Snakes In The World

What comes to mind when we hear the name of snakes, well we do not need to tell this. While snakes have neither hands nor feet, nor sharp nails, they are still one of the most dangerous predators in the world, and the biggest reason for this is its venom. Although not all snakes are poisonous, but some snakes are so poisonous that a drop of their venom can kill many people. Some 2500-3000 species of snakes are found in the world, of which around 500 are venomous. There are about 270 species of snakes found in India and out of these only 4 species of snakes are poisonous and people die due to their bites. These snakes are- Cobra (Snake), Krait, Russell’s Viper and Saw Scaled Viper. Apart from these, king cobra, hump-nosed pit viper and banded krait are also venomous snakes, but they are very few in number.

However, scientists believe that many times death is not caused by snake venom, but people give up their lives due to its panic. Most venomous snakes are found in Australia. Many people think that snake bites on seeing someone, that too without any reason, but the truth is something else. Snakes are more afraid of us than we are afraid of snakes and that is why they stay hidden.

Snake teeth and venom are for hunting aid and self-defense. In search of food, the snake bites its teeth on the victim’s body and injects poison into his body. Due to the poison, the victim becomes unconscious after going some distance and the snake smells its poison and reaches near it. Apart from this, the snake also uses its venom to protect itself from enemies.

Apart from this, the snake also uses its venom to protect itself from enemies. This is the reason that when they encounter humans, they see death and they use their powerful weapon to protect themselves. The venom of a snake is in the pouch in its mouth, the teeth attached to it are sharp and hollow and as soon as they bite someone, the venom enters the body.

Poisonous snakes are very difficult to keep in order because the venom of many species is very deadly but they do not cause much harm to humans, whereas the poison of many species is not so deadly, yet they do a lot of harm to humans due to their aggression. Nevertheless, today we will introduce you to 10 such snakes, which are considered to be the most dangerous, venomous, in the world.

Top 10 Most Venomous And Dangerous Snakes In The World

(1) Inland Taipan –

It is the most venomous of the snakes found on earth. This snake can inject 110 mg of venom in one sting, killing 100 humans and 250,000 rats. Its venom is ten times that of rattle snake and 50 times more dangerous than that of common cobra. This snake likes to stay away from the crowd, so it has very little face to face with humans and even if it happens, it tries to escape from there. You will be surprised to know that till date there is no record of this snake biting humans have not happened. That is why it is also given the title of Saint Snake.

(2) Eastern Brown Snake

This snake found in Australia is so dangerous that 14 thousandth part of its venom is enough for the death of a human. Worse than that, it is found more near the Bir-bad areas in Australia.

(3) Blue Krait-

This snake is found in Southeast Asia and Indonesia. This snake is considered one of the most poisonous snakes in the world. This snake is so dangerous that it also hunts other snakes and sometimes even hunts snakes of its own kind. But it is also very scary. Lives away from human settlements and does not like to be entangled. But once if they have an apprehension that the work will not work without getting confused, then they do not even leave. Its poison is also neurotoxic.

(4) Taipan-

Taipan is the second most venomous snake found in Australia. It releases so much poison in one go that it can kill 12,000 pigs at a time. Its venom contains a very strong neurotoxic venom that causes blood to clot in the victim’s body. In appearance, it is similar to the Black Mamba of Africa.

(5) Black Mamba-

This snake found in Africa is very angry. Its biggest feature is that it is the fastest moving snake on earth, which can chase its prey at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour. On feeling threatened, it bites 10-12 times continuously and releases up to 400 mg of poison in the human body. Its poison is fast acting neurotoxin. Only 1 milligram of black mamba’s venom is enough to kill a human. On being bitten by it, a person dies within 15 minutes to 3 hours. Tiger Snake

(6) Tiger Snake –

The ‘Tiger Snake’ found in Australia is a very venomous snake. It usually takes 6-24 hours for its prey to reach death, but only 30 minutes are available to save many lives. Still, it is not very dangerous for humans because it runs away when it encounters humans, it bites in the same position when it is in some corner and there is no place to escape.

(7) Philippine Cobra –

Most species of cobra are not highly venomous, but the Philippine cobra is an exception. It can throw its venom at prey from a distance of three meters. Its extremely sharp neurotoxic venom can kill the victim in 30 minutes. Which directly shows effect on the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

(8) Viper –

Viper is found almost all over the world. Saw scaled vipers and chain vipers are extremely poisonous. This snake is found in the Middle East and Central Asia, especially in India, China, and South-East Asia. This snake is responsible for most of the deaths due to snake bites in India. Humans die within half an hour of the bite of this snake. This snake is very aggressive.

(9) Death Adder –


This snake is found in Australia and New Guinea. Its specialty is that this snake hunts only snakes. It attacks at a very high speed and releases up to 40-100 mg of poison in the body of the victim at a time. Its venom is neurotoxic, due to which the nervous system starts to weaken, symptoms of paralysis appear and the person would die in less than 6 hours. Another feature that makes it more dangerous is its ability to strike again within .13 Sec.

(10) Rattle Snake –

The rattle snake belongs to the family of pit vipers. It is the most venomous snake found in North America. Its special feature is that with time, the skin keeps gathering like a rattle on the tip of its tail, which when shaken makes a loud sound, by playing it, it warns the one who is close to it and even after that if someone is close to it. When it reaches, it does not miss to attack on it. That’s why it is called rattle snake. This snake can strike up to 2/3 of its total length, which is very high.This snake is very angry. The biggest feature of this snake is that its children are more dangerous than the elders. Because children have more poison than adults. Hemotoxic poison is found in its body. Due to the effect of this poison, human tissue starts dying, blood clotting stops.

(11) Belcher’s Sea Snake –

Belcher sea snake is found in South East Asia and Northern Australia, this snake is not very aggressive but it can bite when teased and most of its victims are fishermen whose nets it comes out. A few milligram drops of its poison is enough to kill 1000 humans.

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