Health Benefits Of Eating Dark Chocolate |Side Effects

Almost everyone likes to eat chocolate and it is also very beneficial for health. Chocolates are also included in the gifts given on birthdays or any celebrations like a gift. Chocolates are available in many attractive and different flavours, due to which many times you cannot stop yourself even if you want to. But do you know that chocolate has more benefits than just taste.

10 Proven Benefits Of Eating Dark Chocolate

There was a time when there were only a few varieties of chocolate, but today there are many types of chocolates in the market and ‘dark chocolate’ is one of them. Dark chocolate is made from cocoa beans. Compared to milk chocolate, dark chocolate contains 50 to 90 percent cocoa solids, cocoa butter and sugar. Nutrients like iron, copper, flavanols, zinc and phosphorus are found in it, which are beneficial for health. In today’s article, we will know about the benefits of dark chocolate.

A dark chocolate contains-

  • 604 calories
  • 7.87 g of protein
  • 43.06 g of fat
  • 46.36 g of carbohydrates
  • 11.00 g of dietary fiber
  • 24.23 g of sugar
  • 12.02 milligrams (mg) of iron
  • 230.00 mg of magnesium
  • 3.34 mg of zinc

Benefits of Eating Dark Chocolate

1). Dark Chocolate For Stress and Depression

If you are under any kind of stress, then chocolate is your companion, who can reduce your stress without saying anything and listening. Whenever you are under stress or depression,do not forget to eat chocolate. This will make you feel relax. In fact, in a study it has come to the fore that consuming dark chocolate for three days has been found to improve symptoms of depression in some people.

2). Dark Chocolate Benefits in Blood Pressure

Chocolate is very beneficial for those people who have problems with blood pressure.Chocolate gives instant relief in case of low blood pressure. That’s why always keep chocolate with you. A research published on the NCBI website has revealed that consuming a limited amount of dark chocolate can reduce blood pressure. In such a situation, to get relief from the problem of high blood pressure, high BP patients can consume dark chocolate.

3). Dark Chocolate For Cholesterol

Chocolate is very beneficial in reducing LDL cholesterol ie bad cholesterol present in the body. It is also helpful in controlling obesity and other diseases caused by it by reducing LDL cholesterol. Studies have shown that the consumption of cocoa polyphenols present in dark chocolate was found to increase the good cholesterol (HDL cholesterol).

4). Dark Chocolate keeps mind healthy

According to a research, drinking two cups of hot chocolate drink daily keeps the brain healthy, and does not weaken the memory. Chocolate improves blood circulation in the brain. Some studies have shown that the flavonoids in dark chocolate may be helpful in improving cognitive functions. Along with this, these flavonoids present in dark chocolate can also prove to be helpful in improving memory. In such a situation, dark chocolate to keep the brain healthy.

5.) Dark Chocolate For Heart Disease

According to a research, the consumption of chocolate or chocolate drink reduces the chances of heart disease by one third, and helps in keeping the heart healthy. It has also been revealed in research that the high flavanol present in dark chocolate can reduce platelet aggregation (aggregation of platelets) and endothelial function – the thin membranes present in the heart and blood vessels that support blood. can prevent clots from forming.

6). Dark Chocolate Keeps Skin Young

Chocolate is rich in antioxidants, which reduce the signs of aging and wrinkles that appear on your skin. This makes your skin look youthful. Due to its properties, chocolate baths,facials, packs and waxes are also being used nowadays. Dark chocolate has the special property of reducing the effects of aging. Therefore, those who want to reduce the effect of aging, they can eat dark chocolate.

7) Dark Chocolate Control Blood Sugar Level

If the blood sugar level increases, then it increases the risk of many serious diseases in our body. First of all, its direct effect brings you in the grip of diabetes. Whereas dark chocolate has such properties that can maintain the level of blood sugar level in the body. Due to which by keeping the blood sugar level under control, you can also avoid falling prey to diseases like diabetes.

8). Dark Chocolate for  weight loss

Dark chocolate aids in weight loss by reducing digestion and absorption of fats and carbs. If you eat a small piece of dark chocolate after a meal, then it can curb weight gain. According to recent research, cocoa flavanol found in dark chocolate is very helpful in weight loss.

9). Dark Chocolate Helps in Periods

Eating chocolate can be very beneficial for women’s health. Be it pregnancy or periods problem or any problem related to heart, chocolate solves many health problems of women.Just keep in mind that eating chocolate in limited quantity is very good for the health of women. Magnesium is also present in it, which has the power to hold water inside the body.Apart from this, dark chocolate is also very beneficial in irritability during periods. The anti-oxidant called serotonin present in it proves to be a good treatment for irritability.

10). Dark Chocolate for cold

With the changing season, there are mild diseases, cold and cold are also one of them. In such a situation, if you want to protect yourself from cold and cold, then you can consume dark chocolate. Dark chocolate contains a chemical called theobromine, which can work effectively with respiratory system problems, including colds.

Side Effects Of Dark Chocolate

Everything in the world has its advantages as well as disadvantages. Similarly, if there are advantages to eating more dark chocolate, then there are also some disadvantages. which are as follows –

1) The problem of insomnia.

2) Headache or migraine.

3) Dizziness in the head.

4) Dehydration.

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