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There is only one problem with many students that they study a lot but forget all during the exam. The reason for this is stress and tension is because you do not teach properly. If you read correctly then you will not have this problem. So let me tell you some great tips for studying. By following which you can bring good marks and there will be no tension.

Tips For Effective Study


Whatever you studied, think about it, it means to say that you should concentrate on what you read. Before sleeping at night or sitting in a secluded place, think about what you remember, how much you read and what is left. With this, you will have recitation in your mind and you will definitely remember what you have read.

Whatever you are reading while reading, you should also write it down. With this, you will remember what you read in a good way and there will be no problem in writing the exam time. This is a great way to improve the quality of your studies.

Method of study and planning

Many students have a habit that they start studying when the exam is near. This is a very bad habit, it is not called study. And that’s why everyone forgets at the time of exam and there is tension. Because everything goes bad in a hurry. Just as a drop by drop fills the pitcher, in the same way, reading little by little daily and for a long time will prepare you well.

When your semester starts, at the same time you should think that this time I have to get more marks than my friends. Your one right decision can change your result. Therefore, start studying from the first day itself and it is not that you finish 2-3 chapters in a day and do not practice for the next four-five days. Don’t make such a mistake at all. Read a little every day and understand well what you are studying, and whenever you start getting bored or feeling tired while studying, then relax for a while.

Study Tips For College

When the preparation is good then you will not be under stress during the exam. Then you will not need to study new topics during the exam. That is, if all the subjects and lessons have already been studied by you, then this will also give you enough time for revision. So if you are a good student and you want success in the exam then take time for regular study and study whole year with patience. Studying regularly does not mean that you keep studying throughout the day. Set aside time for studies every day.

Set aside time for studies every day. During that time, focus only on reading.

Whatever you have to study, do complete planning and when planning for something, then complete it so that it is not forgotten. And there should also be a way of planning. Don’t plan too much. Plan as much as you can. Don’t plan for the whole year. Plan one week and complete it and then plan for the second week.Similarly plan a subject. Its advantage will be that during the exam you will not have to stay awake all night and study, and if you have read the whole syllabus then you will only have to do recitation at the time of the exam.

Read calmly – Mind Set

You should be in good condition during your studies. The mind should be calm. Because whenever you read something, your mind will work most of the time, it is important for your mind to be calm to understand what you are reading.That’s why you have to keep your mind under control, don’t get distracted while studying. Concentrate in studies only. Control your mind with meditation. Our mind should be fresh while studying. A tired person cannot read anything.

Right Time To Study – Study Tips Timing

Whenever you make a routine for studies, give more importance to the morning time. Morning time is the best time to read. At this time the mind remains completely fresh and the grasping power is high. 5 hours in the day and 1 hour in the morning are equal.

Best way of study

Whatever you are studying, you should come to enjoy it. It is not that all the answers are remembered. Rather, by reading from the text, we think to find out something new which becomes interesting in itself. It is always fun to explore. You do not know what are the difficulties that come your way when you are in the learning process. So keep your eyes and mind open. Plus, if your subject is new to you, try to be familiar with it.You can use some of your code words or rhymes so that you can remember what you have memorized.

Choose the Right Place for Studying –

The most important thing is to choose the right place for studies. Unless the environment around you is favorable, you may not feel like reading. That is why it is important that you choose a conducive environment for studying.

For example, choose a place where the atmosphere is calm, there is neither excessive heat nor cold, books are kept neatly, comfortable chair to sit and table to read. In such a place where you will feel relaxed, your mind will also run faster and you will be able to remember the lesson quickly.

How to read?

When you are studying, don’t think of memorizing everything at once. By doing this your mind gets blocked and at the same time Brian’s process also stops.Whenever you sit to study, don’t try Maths, English, History or Sociology at the same time. Plan the study of a subject so that you can remember those things for a long time.

And the last thing:

Discipline is very important in the life of a student, When you are disciplined, you will not feel difficult to do even the toughest tasks.

‘Concentration power’ is a panacea for the students. No one can stop the student who has the right over it, from achieving success. Therefore, focus your attention completely on one task, until the work is not completed then forget the other work, trying to do many things at the same time leaves all the tasks incomplete.

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