How To Do Yoga At Home For Begginers – Yoga Tips

Yoga is the ancient heritage of India. It is a spiritual process, in which the act of bringing the body, mind and spirit together (yoga). Hinduism is closely related to Yoga. Our sages, sages, ascetics etc. used to be absorbed in hard penance for thousands of years only through yoga. ‘Yoga’ is related to the meditation process in Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. Let’s talk about yoga..

What is yoga?

Yoga is beyond religion, faith and superstition. Yoga is a straightforward science. Experimental science. Yoga is the art of living life. Yoga is a complete medical system. There is a complete road – Rajpath. In fact, religion binds people to pegs and yoga shows the way of liberation from all kinds of pegs.’

Yoga gives peace to the mind and also takes care of your health. In a way, it is the solution of all the problems. It makes your body clean and strong from both inside and outside.

History of Yoga

The evidence obtained by the archaeologists shows that the origin of yoga is 5000 BC. would have happened in Traditionally, the knowledge of Yoga was passed from one generation to another through the Guru Shishya Parampara.

Patanjali is called the father of yoga because of the composition of the Yoga Sutras.

‘Srimad Bhagavad Gita’ is considered a prestigious book. The word ‘yoga’ has been used many times in this. Sometimes alone and sometimes adjectives, such as- ‘Intellectual Yoga’, ‘Sanyasa Yoga’, ‘Karma Yoga’ etc. The names ‘Bhaktiyoga’ and ‘Hatha Yoga’ have also become prevalent in the post-Veda period. Mahatma Gandhi has practiced ‘Anashakti Yoga’.

The means adopted by many sadhaks to reach the higher stage of yoga like Samadhi, Moksha, Kaivalya etc., the same means were described from time to time in the Yoga texts. That is what came to be known as Yoga. In the authentic books of yoga, ‘Shiva Samhita’ and ‘Gorakshataka’ describe four types of yoga-

  • Mantra yoga
  • Hatha yoga
  • Rhythm yoga
  • Raja Yoga

Yoga Tips For Begginers

Right Time for Yoga – Yoga Time Table

By the way, you can do yoga at any time, but it is considered good to do yoga in the morning because at that time you are calm. Your energy is at its highest and helps to keep it that way throughout the day. You can set any time. Either early in the morning, before lunch or in the evening.

Decide on the Right Place – Yoga Tips

You do not need a big space for yoga. You just have to keep in mind that if you do yoga in a quiet place, it is very good. Do it in a quiet place so that no extraneous sound comes in your mind. So that you do not lose your honor. Sit on a yoga mat or towel.

How Can I do Yoga at my home

Do yoga in simple clothes

Yoga can be done easily on loose and comfortable clothes. It is difficult to do yoga on tight clothes. Keep your expensive Ratna (jewelry) beside you. And do not wear makeup while doing yoga.. and do not wear anything heavy in the body as much as possible.

Do yoga in empty stomach

It is good to do yoga on an empty stomach. You can do yoga even after 2-3 hours of eating food. Because it may happen that you had to do some different yoga today or you forgot to do some yoga and if you remember after eating food, then you think, let’s do it now, nothing happens,But don’t do that at all. If there is any yogasana left, then do it on the next day.

Do yoga comfortably

Give respect to your body and do every yoga posture softly and laughing. It is not that you will get more benefits by doing yoga very vigorously or doing it too often. This will only increase your discomfort and pain.

Yoga Basics

Do different yoga postures daily 

Do different yoga poses daily. The best idea for this is that you do 1-2 yogasanas daily and do the holiday all together. Pranayama or Shavasana control is very important while doing yoga.

It is not necessary that you are doing all the yogasanas on the very first day, it can cause difficulty to your body. You will be very tired on the very first day and from the second day your heart will not be able to do it, so if you are doing it easily then it is best.

Resist everyday

It is very important to practice yoga everyday. Make it a part of your daily life and after that it will become a good habit for you.Always remember – the positive results you get from working hard for 1-2 hours are more than just practicing yoga for 20m a day.

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