How To Last Long Distance Relationship Longer – Do’s and Don’ts

Long distance relationships are common these days. Even though long distance relationship is common, it is not so easy to maintain it. If seen, long distance relationship is a test for any loving person. Especially when couples have to handle long distance relationship and career together. Sometimes the result even leads to a breakup.

What is Long Distance Relationship?

When lovers are in different cities. There is a lot of love between the two, but they are physically separated from each other. Soul love increases in long distance relationship. There was a time when it was not so easy to maintain a long distance relationship, but in today’s modern era phones, social media is playing a different role in maintaining this relationship.

How To Improve Your Long Distance Relationship?

1) Build Confidence:

In a long distance relationship, couples can know as much about their partner as the partner can tell about himself. In such a situation, trusting the partner is the real test of such a relationship. The honesty lies on the individual to have a feeling of being fully committed to each other.

2) Understanding partner better:

When couples live together, they understand each other better. At the same time, when it comes to long distance relationships, this is also a great time to understand your partner. During this, couples have to know and understand their partner through message, video call or phone call.

3) Do not fight:

People often start fighting after noticing the small mistakes of their partner when they stay close. While staying away, the positivity in your relationship increases and you start focusing on the goodness of the partner.

4) Increase tolerance:

The biggest advantage of long distance relationship is that it can increase the tolerance of the person. Actually, in distant relationships, couples have to wait a long time to meet each other. Such a habit gives them the ability to tolerate distance. In such a situation, gradually their patience towards their relationship increases.

5) Increase excitement:

If the couple is close, then somewhere there is a lack of curiosity in their relationship. But when the couple is away from each other, the eagerness grows between them to meet.Some relationships become boring when they stay together. In such a situation, by being in a long distance relationship, you not only miss your partner but also want to talk to them a lot. Which increases the excitement in your relationship.

6) Respect will increase in the relationship:

Where two people are not able to give full respect to each other in everyday quarrels while staying together. On the other hand, by being in a long distance relationship, respect for your partner starts increasing in your heart. Which makes your relationship stronger.

7) Stay in touch with each other:

Since you can’t see each other face to face, it’s important to stay emotionally connected to each other as much as possible. It is not necessary that you always have long conversations, it is enough to have light conversations and get to know each other. This type of light talk shows that you care for each other and make this relationship complete. Acting honestly.

8) Try to meet each other:

Make a plan to meet each other as soon as possible and stick to it. Do not miss any opportunity to meet each other and see each other. Face-to-face communication is vital to maintaining dedication, trust and satisfaction in your relationship.

Long Distance Relationship Advice

Talk about petty, mundane things. If you’re in a relationship with each other, it doesn’t mean that the two of you always talk about serious topics like your relationship, its future, your dreams, hopes, and hopes. Do it. Instead, sometimes talk about your surroundings or many other things and events related to your life like what you bought from the grocery shop today or what happened in the locality around your house etc.

9) Remember that your partner is also a human being:

Distance makes you very emotional and you end up looking for an ideal partner in your partner. So on one hand it makes your relationship stronger, more ideal (thinking that your partner is perfect) and on the other hand sometimes because of this you face difficulty in adjusting with your real partner.

10) Get to know each other:

Like any other relationship, it is very important for you to spend time together to get to know each other. For example, while talking to each other, note what your partner is more happy to talk about. Think about it or do some research later so that the next time you join, you have many more topics to talk about.

11) Give Private space:

Any relationship needs a bit of a breather. Even though you are in a relationship, it is important to understand that every relationship demands a little bit of privacy. So give some personal space to your partner too. Don’t skimp too much. Don’t think that he is so far away from me there that he doesn’t know what he must be doing. By doing this, you are spying on your partner in a way which is not good for your relationship.

12) Have faith in each other:

Trust in each other is very important in any relationship. Do your best to avoid differences and remain trustworthy to each other. Even if you make a mistake, it is important that you talk to your partner about it, and tell him the truth.

13) Surprise each other:

You may not be able to spend much time with each other, but if you want, you can surprise each other. You can go to your partner or send them things like flowers, chocolates and send gifts. Planning a vacation with your partner will also give you a chance to spend time together.

14) Never hide anything:

Even if your partner lives across seven seas away from you, but you should not hide anything from him. Tell him everything openly. By doing this there will be two benefits – first, the trust of your partner will remain in you and secondly, the burden of your heart will be lightened.

Harsh Facts Of Long Distance Relationship

  • People who are in long distance relationship are not able to meet their partner every day. Despite being in a relationship, you may have to live like a single.
  • In long distance relationships, you often do not know about your partner’s daily activities. The more time you are with each other, the only things you get to know. In such a situation, the possibility of misunderstanding also increases at times.
  • Due to lack of mingling, they cannot be with each other on birthdays, festivals or special occasions. Still unable to move around like a normal couple, loneliness and sadness can increase.
  • Couples may not meet in this type of relationship, but the only means of communication between them can be the phone, so you have to keep checking the phone all the time.

Some other tips to survive long distance relationship

  • To make a long distance relationship strong, it is necessary to be loyal to the relationship.
  • Don’t let distance get into the relationship.
  • Keep talking to each other.
  • Give each other space and privacy as well.
  • Do not prolong the fight, but resolve it as soon as possible.
  • Couples should also avoid blaming each other. Do not spoil your relationship in the fear that the partner may cheat.
  • If for some reason your partner does not message or call you on time, then understand their busyness instead of getting angry with them.
  • In such a relationship, there is no misunderstanding, for this it is necessary that the couple should avoid lying to each other.
  • To maintain a long distance relationship, it is necessary that there is trust between the couple. So whatever happens, do it directly with your partner.

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