10 Ways To Fall Asleep Fast

There are some people who fall asleep as soon as they go to bed. But some people have trouble falling asleep early every night. Such people who keep on changing sides throughout the night for sleep, they know how much stress and what troubles the problem of not sleeping at night gives. But sleeping early, along with getting rid of fatigue and lethargy, is also considered good for health. Research shows that when your circadian rhythm, that is, sleep-wake time, is not right, you may have weight gain, diabetes and depression.

Sometimes the problem of lack of sleep becomes so serious that it affects our mental health. You don’t feel fresh when you wake up in the morning? Do you get angry over small things? So these are also symptoms of sleep syndrome. So, friends, therefore try to sleep early and on time. Today I am giving you some tips, by adopting which you can sleep early and take advantage of it.

How To Fall Asleep In 5 Minutes

1). Change the light –

A hormone called melatonin in the body regulates your sleep and wake cycles. But when we come in contact with light, our level of this hormone is affected. Whenever you go to sleep in the bed, it is very important to be dark. If you also think that mobile phones and TVs will not have a negative effect on our ability to sleep, but believe me, it has a lot of effect. If you don’t look at a bright screen for 1 hour before going to sleep, then hopefully you will fall asleep quickly.

2). Choose a comfortable bed –

There should also be a good bed for sleeping, so the bed, mattress etc. should be comfortable. So that you do not feel any problem in sleeping at night.

3). Do not take naps during the day –

Napping helps a lot to remove fatigue, but never take long naps (more than half an hour) throughout the day and should not take naps even before sleeping at night. Otherwise, you may have trouble falling asleep early at night.

4). Breathe through your left nostril –

Experts believe that yoga calms you down by lowering your blood pressure. This makes you sleepy. Therefore, breathing through the left nostril will benefit you.

5). Do not overeat at night –

Your dinner should be completed two or three hours before bedtime. If you eat too much food just before bedtime, then you will have a lot of trouble sleeping and you will stay up all night.

How To Sleep Easily

6). Avoid Caffeine –

If you are trying to sleep early at night, stay away from coffee and other caffeinated products and nicotine. Their effect lasts for several hours and even if you want to sleep, you cannot fall asleep because of them. While you drink alcohol, it makes you sleepy, but it is not a good and deep sleep. So don’t even drink alcohol.

7) Bath at night –

There is strong evidence that if you clean yourself well at the end of the day, it helps you to sleep better. But be fresh 3-4 hours before bedtime. Taking a bath before going to bed is actually not a good thing because hot water raises your body temperature a lot. In such a situation, if the body temperature is given a chance to normalize before going to sleep, then it can prove to be a better solution.

8). Meditate –

With the help of meditation, cortisol levels can be easily reduced, due to which you can feel less anxious and happier than before. It also helps you sleep deeper and better. According to a 2015 study, the quality of sleep improved by older people doing mindfulness meditation. Apart from this, their anxiety, pain and disturbances in mood can also be overcome.

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9). Drink milk before sleeping –

A protein called alpha-lactalbumin is found in milk. This protein is rich in the amino acid tryptophan, which produces melatonin, the same hormone that helps us sleep.

10). Make a place to sleep –

Always go to your bed only when you are completely ready to sleep. Never go to bed when you don’t want to sleep. After doing this for a few days, the mind will start to train that lying on this bed means sleeping. And further you will sleep as soon as you go to bed.

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