Medicinal Properties and Miraculous Benefits of Tamarind

Tamarind, rich in sour-sweet taste, gives many benefits to your health. Not only do you get the taste through this fruit, but it has many such medicinal properties, which have many benefits for your health. Tamarind contains a good amount of vitamin C, vitamin B, iron, potassium and fiber, which removes many harmful virus substances from the body and protects the body from many diseases. Tamarind has the ability to fight dangerous diseases like bacteria, viruses, fungal.

Scientific Name

The botanical name of tamarind is Tamarindus indica (Tamarindus indica L, Syn-Tamarindus officinalis Hook), and it belongs to the Caesalpiniaceae family.

Nutritional Information

  • Magnesium 28% (Reference Daily Intake (RDI))
  • Potassium 22% RDI
  • Iron 19% RDI
  • Calcium 9% RDI
  • Phosphorus 14% RDI
  • Vitamin B1 34% RDI
  • Vitamin B2 11% RDI
  • Vitamin B3 12% RDI

Health Benefits Of Tamarind

Prevent cancer

Tamarind is a fruit that relieves from the smallest to the biggest diseases. This fruit has antioxidant properties and tartaric acid, which protects the body from free radicals and prevents the growth of cancer-causing cells.

In reducing weight

In today’s time many people are troubled by the increasing weight and obesity. While you need exercise to keep the body fit and healthy, you also need a right diet. Talking about diet, the consumption of tamarind is very beneficial in reducing weight. Because the high amount of hydroxycitric acid in this fruit increases the enzymes that burn fat in the body. Which helps in reducing weight. So to control weight, include tamarind in your diet from today itself.

Tamarind water makes heart healthy

Due to the high potassium content in tamarind, it is very beneficial in making the heart healthy. It helps to purify our blood and reduce blood pressure. The fiber found in tamarind is also helpful in reducing cholesterol. The antioxidants in tamarind keep free radicals in check. Therefore our heart becomes strong and healthy.

Helpful in jaundice

With the change of season, the health of many people has started deteriorating, changes in food habits start taking place. At this time, the infection of jaundice is the most, due to which many people are weak, suffering from fever, and suffer from problems like headache. In such a situation, it is better if tamarind juice is given to a patient with jaundice. Apart from this, you boil tamarind flowers and leaves in water and drink it 2-3 times a day to cool down, by doing this you get relief from jaundice.

Strengthen the immune system

Due to the antioxidant and anti-microbial properties in tamarind, it helps in strengthening the body’s immune system. If you consume tamarind regularly on a daily basis, then you will get power to avoid infections like microbial and avoid other harmful diseases.

Remove premature ejaculation

Many people have the problem of premature ejaculation. After soaking such persons for four days in half a kilogram of tamarind, take out their skins and dry them in the shade and then grind them by mixing equal quantity of sugar candy in it. Drink half a teaspoon of this mixture with milk daily in the morning and evening. In a few days your disease will go away. At the same time, the quantity of semen in you will be more and the semen will start becoming ass.

Tamarind seed powder beneficial for teeth

If your teeth are yellow, tooth worms, pyorrhea, gums and teeth gums have started turning black, then do not panic because tamarind is the best home remedy to get rid of them. For all these problems, grind the tamarind seeds and make a powder, then clean the teeth with this powder in the morning and evening. This will soon make your donations clean and shiny.

Makes the digestive system strong

Many people’s food is not digested properly, due to which they struggle with many problems like gas, constipation, abdominal pain, diarrhea. The fiber present in tamarind helps in strengthening the digestive system. To avoid digestive problems, soak a spoonful of tamarind in one liter of water, heat it, and then filter it and drink its extract. In no time you will get rid of stomach related problems.

Gives relief in piles

Piles which is called Piles in English is a painful disease. Although its treatment is possible only through operation, but if you want to treat it at home, then making juice of tamarind flowers and leaves and consuming it daily gives a lot of relief to the patient of the palace.

Tamarind tree bark cures arthritis

Many people have sagging skin which is a serious problem. It affects the internal parts of the body, causing more pain in the body. If you are troubled by this problem then tamarind is very beneficial for you. For this, grind half a teaspoon of roasted tamarind seeds into a fine powder and take it twice a day with water, you will get relief in no time.

Disadvantages of eating tamarind

Tamarind should never be consumed after taking medicines like aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, etc., as it can lead to the risk of bleeding.

Due to excessive consumption of tamarind, skin disorders like skin diseases, unnatural darkening, blemishes, nails, acne etc.

The sourness of tamarind makes the body hollow. Therefore, consume tamarind less.

Consuming tamarind in excess can cause hypoglycemia, which can be a risk for diabetics.

People who have a sore throat problem, they should stay away from any acidic substances, not only tamarind.

How to Use Tamarind?

There are many ways to eat tamarind, which we will know through some points.

  • Tamarind can be used to make food sour by soaking it, then extracting its pulp.
  • Tamarind can be used to make many types of chutneys.
  • Eating it by making murabba or pickle is also included in the way of eating tamarind.
  • Candy can also be made using tamarind.
  • Tamarind water can be used to make face pack. For this, soak tamarind for 2 hours and then filter that water. You can mix it in your favorite face pack.


Is it possible to treat kidney stones with the use of tamarind?

Consumption of tamarind can help reduce the risk of kidney stones to some extent.

Is tamarind good for migraine?

There is a lack of scientific evidence to prove that tamarind can help migraines. It would be better to consult a doctor in this matter.

What is Tamarind’s Nature?

Tamarind has a cooling effect. It brings coolness to your body. Consuming tamarind in regular quantity is considered very good for the body. But consuming too much of it is not good for the body.

How much tamarind should be eaten in a day?

By eating 100 grams of tamarind a day, most of the nutritious elements present in tamarind are available.

 Is it good to eat tamarind?

Eating tamarind in right quantity can provide many benefits such as healthy heart, healthy teeth, strong hair, glowing skin and healthy liver.

Does tamarind cause weight loss?

Eating tamarind in the right quantity and in the right way can help in weight loss. Eating tamarind increases metabolism, which helps in burning fat.

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