What Is Sparkling Water? Nutritional Facts, Benefits,Side effects

Sparkling water is different from normal water. This water is filled with carbon dioxide gas to make it sparkling. This sparkling water is similar to soft drinks/soda/cold drinks but contains fewer calories than soft drinks.

What is Sparkling Water ?

Sparkling water is carbon dioxide gas infused water created under pressure. This process gives the water a fizzy effect, which makes it appetising.

When the heat increases too much, our body starts sweating a lot. During the summer season, the body needs more water, so it is important to drink plenty of water. Although when we are outside for hours, especially in the sun, we feel thirsty but do not feel like drinking water every time.In such a situation, either we drink cold soda found on the roadside or we buy cold drinks from a shop and drink it because neither they come more expensive and our body gets cool by drinking them.(What is Sparkling water or carbonated water?)

Instead of cold drinks, you can drink spark, ling water. Sparkling water means water with bubbles.Sparkling water also known as Carbonated water, which is helps to promote weight loss, improves digestion, relieve constipation and trigger the fat burning hormones.

How is Sparkling Water Made?

Sparkling water is different from normal water. This water is filled with carbon dioxide gas to make it sparkling. This sparkling water is similar to soft drinks/soda/cold drinks but contains fewer calories than soft drinks.(Making of carbonated water)

Nutrition Information

One 8-ounce serving of Aquafina Berry Burst sparkling water contains: (Nutritional facts about sparkling water)

  • Calories: 0 grams
  • Fat: 0 grams
  • Cholesterol: 0 milligrams
  • Sodium: 55 milligrams
  • Carbohydrates: 0 grams
  • Fiber: 0 grams
  • Sugar: 0 grams
  • Protein: 0 grams

Benefits Of Sparkling Water

Drinking sparkling water can improve digestion

If your body is not able to digest food properly, then when you do not feel like drinking water, then you can consume sparkling water.

Control your weight by drinking sparkling water

Drinking plenty of water is very important to lose weight. Drinking water can help you lose weight. When a person drinks plenty of water, his stomach remains full and he feels less hungry.

When we feel less hungry, we stay away from most of the junk food or packaged food that we eat when we are hungry, so drinking sparkling water can help you control your weight.

Sparkling Water Keeps You Hydrated

It is important for the body to stay hydrated. Dehydration in the body can cause many problems. Drinking sparkling water keeps the body hydrated as it is also water.

Sparkling water for hydration

As mentioned above, if you have drunk so much water that you can no longer drink water, then you can drink sparkling water instead of any sweet drink or cold drink, but keep in mind that the sparkling water does not contain sugar. .

If you want to avoid drinking cold drinks/soda then you can drink sparkling water

There are many people who like cold drinks/soda very much and they need cold drinks with food. Cold drinks are always visible in their fridge, but if you are that cold drink lover who loves cold drinks a lot but want to stay away from them, then sparkling water is a very good option for you. Although drinking plain water is the best habit, but when you want, you can drink flavored sparkling water instead of cold drink.

Doubtlessly improve coronary heart fitness

Sparkling water for heart health

one of the different capability benefits of drinking carbonated water is that it may improve coronary heart health. There isn’t as a whole lot cause to aid this, even though the preliminary studies seems promising. as an instance, one observe measured the effect that carbonated water had on levels of cholesterol. The studies concluded that carbonated ingesting water brought about an boom in “appropriate” HDL cholesterol. It additionally discovered that the water reduced:

  • “awful” LDL ldl cholesterol
  • Blood sugar tiers
  • Inflammatory markers

Weight Management

Hydration is the key to lose weight. If you’re feeling hungry, it may just mean you’re dehydrated, because your body is unable to tell the difference. Drinking enough water can help you feel satisfied longer and consume fewer calories throughout the day.

Disadvantages Of Drinking Sparkling Water

Sweet sparkling water can cause damage to teeth

There are some sparkling waters in which sweeteners are mixed, so consuming too much of them can damage a person’s teeth, but if you drink sparkling water without sweetness, then it will not harm your teeth much.

Those who have stomach related problems, they should not consume sparkling water.

If you have stomach related problems then drinking sparkling water can be a problem for you. If after drinking sparkling water you feel bloated or belching or stomach pain or gas is formed, then you should reduce the consumption of sparkling water or not at all. You drink only plain water.

Side effects of sparkling water

Try to drink only unsweetened sparkling water

You all know that excessive consumption of sweets is injurious to health. Excessive consumption of sweets can cause problems in teeth, weight gain, diabetes etc. Therefore, the lesser the consumption of sweets, the better. Sparkling water may contain sugar, caffeine, and other additives, so always check the label of sparkling water before drinking it.

Gas and bloating

The carbonation in sparkling water causes gas and bloating.If you notice excessive gas while drinking sparkling water, your best is switch to plain water


Is drinking sparkling water good for you?

Drinking sparkling water can helps to reduce dehydration. If you’re dehydrated, you may experience dry mouth, fatigue, headache, and impaired performance. Sparkling water is just as hydrating as still water.

Is sparkling water healthier than soda?

Carbonated water can be better for you than drinking soda for a few of reasons. Firstly sparkling water does not contain calories or sugar. If you enjoy having a bit of “fizz” in your drink, carbonated water allows you to do so without the added calories.

Is it OK to drink sparkling water everyday?

You can drink the Sparkling water but never replace it with normal water.

Is sparkling water good for your skin?

carbonation helps in proper blood circulation , which allows the skin to have a healthier and glowing.

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