50 Mind Blowing Facts About Facebook

Facebook is a social networking site that was started in 2004 by Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg. Then its name was The Facebook. Within a year, Facebook spread across Europe and became the largest social networking site in the world. The status of Facebook now is that it is no less than a different world. Millions of accounts are created in it everyday. But there are some things related to Facebook that not everyone knows.Now days Facebook is by Meta.

Let’s know surprising interesting things related to Facebook…

Interesting Facts About Facebook

1). You will be surprised to know that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg gets one dollar every year as salary.

2). Facebook can not only run in Hindi and English and some selected languages, but users can translate Facebook page into 70 different languages ​​according to their convenience.

3). You may find this strange, but 83 percent of prostitutes have fan pages on Facebook.

4). Be careful: Facebook is recording all your activity even if you log in to Facebook account and do any other work on the Internet.

5). There are about 600 million active users on Facebook, out of which about 100 million change their status daily.

6). Mark had earlier taken the decision to name the Facebook ‘Like’ button as ‘Awesome’. But no one listened to Mark Zuckerberg.

7) You must have seen that like many features on Facebook, there is also a Poke. But if you ask someone its meaning, hardly anyone will be able to tell its meaning. Because even Facebook itself has not decided its meaning or its work. But if you use too much of it, you can get blocked.

8). Do you know what is the reason for Facebook being painted blue? The reason for this is that its founder Mark Zuckerberg is color blind. They do not know the difference between green and red.

9). You must have seen that due to the privacy settings of Facebook, every user has been given the facility to block, but the thing to note is that you cannot block Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook even if you want. If you try to do this, an error message will appear from Facebook.

10). Fifty percent of the people on the Internet around the world are connected to Facebook.

What is Special About Facebook?

11). About 3.5 billion pictures are uploaded to Facebook every month.

12). If for some reason Facebook’s server goes down, then it will lose 25 thousand dollars every minute.

13). Initially Yahoo and MTV wanted to buy the Facebook site for 10 million dollars, then Mark said? First let me create an open global platform for information exchange, then I will think about profits.

14). You might be surprised to know this, but Facebook addiction is taking the form of a disease. People of all ages around the world are struggling with Facebook addiction disorder. The abbreviation for this disease is FAD. At present, about 350 million people in the world are suffering from FAD.

15). In December 2009, Facebook made some changes to the privacy setting, after which a picture of Zuckerberg holding a teddy bear became public.

16). The more the earnings of Facebook are, the more are the expenses of running it. Facebook spends $ 30 million every month only on hosting.

17). In 2009, Facebook refused to hire Brian Acton, co-founder of Whatsapp.

18). The first picture on Facebook was of El Pacino. Who is an American actor.

19). In 2011, Facebook became the biggest cause of divorce in America. One out of every 5 marriages in the US is linked to Facebook at some point.

20). You may not know, but the Facebook globe (notifications tab) changes according to the location of the users.

Fun Facts About Facebook

21). Smartphone users view Facebook about 14 times a day.

22). There is also a special shortcut way to access Mark Zuckerberg’s page on the Facebook profile. If you type the number 4 next to the URL of Facebook, then your browser will take you directly to Mark Zuckerberg’s page.

23). And if you write the numbers 5 and 6 behind the URL in front of the URL of Facebook like this, then you will reach the page of Chris Hughes and Dustin Moskovitz. They are both co-founders of Facebook and roommates of Mark.

24). If Facebook were a country, it would be the fifth largest country in the world after China, India, the US, and Indonesia.

25). Facebook is a big winning social media site, as much as it has hacks. In this, about 6 lakh hackers are attacked daily.

26). The constitution of Iceland was written in 2011 with the help of Facebook.

27). Every minute 25 lakh photos, videos etc. are “liked” on Facebook.

28). There are 30 million dead people on Facebook right now! If a Facebook user dies, does his Facebook profile continue like this? – No! If someone dies in our identity, then we can report to Facebook and get that profile as a memorial on Facebook!

29). Be careful: the data you typed in on Facebook but never posted it Can you imagine that someone could read that data at any time. Yes, Facebook has created a special team that analyzes such data that you typed but never posted.

30). An amount of 500 dollars is given to every person who can hack Facebook. Even if you catch any mistake on Facebook, you will still be entitled to the reward.

Amazing Facts About Facebook

31). 5% of British still use Facebook while having sex.

32). About 27,16,000 messages are sent on Facebook every 20 minutes.

33). A report was released by Facebook. In this report, the company said that 14.3 crore accounts are fake. Most of these fake accounts are created from India.

34). You may find this very strange, but due to “Unfriending” many people on Facebook, many people have also been murdered, so next time you will definitely think once before “Unfriending” anyone.

35). It is a matter of pride that Sheela Tandrashekara Krishnan was the first Indian-origin woman to join Facebook. Apart from this, Ruchi Sanghvi is the first woman engineer to work on Facebook, it was Ruchi who gave the idea of ​​News Feed on Facebook. Facebook’s News Feed was the most controversial as well as the most popular feature of Facebook.

36). The first person to invest in Facebook was PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, who invested $5 million in Facebook in June 2004.

37). According to a survey conducted in America, in 2011, out of 5 marriages in America, Facebook was the reason behind Divorce.

38). Like WhatsApp, Facebook has also been banned in China. China had banned Facebook in 2009, due to which 95 million users of Facebook were reduced in a single day.

39).Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg takes one dollar every year as salary.

40).Facebook spends only $30 million every year on hosting.

Facebook Facts

41).1 in 13 people in the world is a member of Facebook.

42).71.2% of Internet users in the USA are Facebook members.

43).Facebook updates about 18,51,000 statuses every 20 minutes.
44).About 10,00,000 updates are liked and shared on Facebook every 20 minutes.
45).About 14,84,000 event invites are posted to Facebook every 20 minutes.
46).About 27,16,000 photos are uploaded to Facebook every 20 minutes.
47).About 13,23,000 photos are tagged in Facebook every 20 minutes.

48).The first female engineer of Facebook is Ruchi Sanghvi of India. It was he who gave the idea of ​​News Feed to Facebook.

49). When Facebook was created in February 2004, its name was thefacebook.com. A year later i.e. in 2005, Mark removed the from it and renamed it facebook.com. You may be surprised to know that Zuckerberg had to pay 2,00,000 dollars to buy the facebook.com domain, which would be equal to 14 million rupees as of today.

50). No matter how hard you try, you can’t block Mark Zuckerberg.

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