50 Interesting Facts About Israel

Israel with a population of 9 million is one of the most powerful countries in the world. Despite being surrounded by all the enemies, no country dares to tease Israel. Let’s know interesting facts related to Israel…

Israel Is Famous For?

1). Israel’s founding first prime minister, David Ben Gurion, was an atheist.

2). Israel is the only Jewish nation in the world. Who is the youngest (67 years) according to his birth.

3). The Hebrew language of Israel is the only language in the world that has been reborn. Hebrew and Arabic are the official languages ​​here.

4). Israel is the only country in the world where women are also recruited in the army.

5). Israel is one of the nine countries in the world that has its own satellite system. Using which he drives the drone. Israel does not share its satellite system with anyone.

6). Israel is the only country in the world whose territory had more trees in the 21st century than in the 20th century.

7) Israel is such a small country that it takes only two hours to run from its east end to the west end and only 9 days to run from north to south.

8). Israel’s air force is the fourth largest air force in the world. It is not only capable of responding in case of any attack, but also has the ability to destroy any enemy in a moment. Only America, Russia and China are ahead of him.

9). Israel is the only country in the world that is equipped with a complete anti-ballistic missile defense system. To fire a rocket into any part of Israel means death. Every missile headed towards Israel dies on the way.

10). Notes issued by Israeli banks can also be recognized by the visually impaired, as they also use the Braille script.

11). Israel ranks first in the world in terms of home computer use. The first phone in the world was made by the Motorola company in Israel and the first Pentium chip for Microsoft was made in Israel itself. Not only this, the first voice mail technology was developed in Israel itself.

12). In Israel, no beauty is allowed to take part in the competition if she weighs less than the prescribed weight. Here health does not mean less weight at all.

13). All Israeli students, whether boys or girls, must join the military service upon completion of high school. The duration of this service is three years for boys and 2 years for girls.

14). One of the oldest cities in the world, Jerusalem has been completely destroyed twice, besieged 23 times, attacked 52 times and conquered 44 times.

15). Anyone who is a Jew in the world ages 18 to 26 can travel to Israel for free 10 days.

Amazing Facts About Israel

16). Israel has no match in the war, as we told, once 7 countries have tried together but they had to face defeat and the remaining disputed area was also captured by Israel.

17). Israel has the largest number of museums per capita than any other country in the world.

18). In 1952, America offered Albert Einstein to become the President of Israel, but Einstein turned it down saying that he did not become for politics. The reason for this is that Einstein was a Jew and Israel was a Jewish country.

19). In Israel, you cannot clean your nose on a Sunday. If you do this, a case can be registered against you.

20). The first antivirus in the world was first made in Israel in 1979. Microsoft and Cisco built their research centers outside the US only in Israel.

21). You will be surprised to know that on the passport of every Pakistani and Malaysian people, it is written, ‘This passport is valid for every country of the world except Israel’.

22). Israel’s agricultural output has increased sevenfold in 25 years, while water is still being used as much as it used to.

23). Israel produces 93 percent of the food it needs. Israel is almost self-sufficient in food grains.

24). The world’s smallest Bible is made in Israel, which is 4.76 mm long and wide.

25). When Palestinian terrorists broke into the 1972 Munich Olympic Games Village and killed 12 Israeli players, Prime Minister Golda Meier herself called the families of all the dead players and said that we would take revenge. He gave complete freedom to his intelligence agency Mossad and said, “All the people involved in this incident, no matter in which country of the world, they should not be allowed to live.

26). Israel has fought 7 wars since its birth. In which he has won the maximum. Israel spends the most in the world in terms of percentage of GDP on the defense sector.

27). Jews cannot raise pigs in Israel. This is a crime by law.

28). 9 out of 10 Israeli homes use solar energy. Most of the solar energy is used to heat water.

29). Talking about education, Israel has the largest number of universities by population. Here 109 research papers are published per 10 thousand population. which is the highest in the world. Here, in terms of books, the maximum number of books are printed on a per capita basis.

30). A monument to commemorate 9/11 has been erected outside Israel’s capital, Jerusalem. It is built from the remains of the World Trade Center.

Facts About Israel

31). The Israeli media enjoys the most freedom compared to the countries of the Middle East. Israel receives more media coverage than any other country in the world.

32). In a small country like Israel, 37 political parties participated in the 2013 election. Israel is the only country in the Middle East where women have equal rights with men.

33). Israel is the center of the diamond wholesale business. Here, more diamonds are cut and polished than any other country in the world.

34). There are 137 official beaches in Israel. Whereas Israel has only 273 km of coastline.

35). Israel ranks third in the world in commercial terms. Israel has over 3000 high-tech companies, the largest in the world (excluding Silicon Valley).

36). Israel is home to the largest number of refugees in the world. Jews around the world get Israeli citizenship as soon as they are born. Anyone can live there whenever they want.

37). It is said that there is a disease called Jerusalem Symptom. This is a psychological illness that occurs after visiting the capital, Jerusalem.

38). More than 1000 letters in the name of God arrive in Jerusalem every year.

39). Israel never tells any country or organization not to do terrorist incidents or attacks in our country, rather Israel says if someone kills a citizen of our country, then we will enter that country and kill 1000 of its citizens.

40). In 1963, a box was found in Israel containing 200-year-old seeds. When they were sown in 2005, the tree had grown which had become extinct two centuries ago.

41). Like Britain and New Zealand, Israel does not have a written constitution. These are the only three countries in the world’s democratic countries that do not have a written constitution.

42). There are only 40 book stores in Israel. Because the government provides every book. A copy of every book published in Israel is kept in the Jewish National University Library.

43). Robert F. Kennedy was shot by a Palestinian because he strongly supported Israel.

44). The world record for carrying 1,088 passengers at a time is held by the national airlines of Israel.

45). The first Pentium chip for Microsoft was made in Israel.

Unknown Facts About Israel

46). The first phone was made by the Motorola company in Israel itself.

47). Israel’s population is equal to half the population of New York. The total area of ​​Israel is so much that even three Israels together cannot be as much as Rajasthan.

48). A Muslim family saved Jews during the Holocaust, after which Israel protected them during the genocide in Bosnia and converted them to Judaism.

49). If you are an enemy of Israel and you are a Muslim, then it is not difficult but impossible for you to survive anywhere in this world.

50). Neturei Karta, a Jewish sect in Israel, supports Palestine and calls for a peaceful settlement.

51). 1.8 million Arabs live in Israel: 20% (18 million) of Israel’s 9 million population are Arabs. Arabs have also been given the same rights there as Jews.

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