30 Interesting Facts About Kuwait

Kuwait is a sovereign Arab emirate located in West Asia, bordered by Saudi Arabia to the north and Iraq to the north and west. Kuwait is an Arabic word which means ‘a palace near the water’.

Why Kuwait is Known For?

This constitutional monarchy country with a population of about 30 lakhs has a parliamentary system of government. Kuwait City is the economic and political capital of the country. Kuwait also includes several islands, the largest of which is Bumyan, bordering Iraq. Kuwait was founded in about 1613.Kuwait gained independence from the British on 19 June 1961.

30 Interesting Facts About Kuwait

1). The national bird of Kuwait is the eagle.

2). Because of the majority of Muslims in Kuwait, it is illegal to buy and sell alcohol here.

3). There is no railway line in Kuwait.

4). The full name of Kuwait is “Dawalat al-Kuwaiti”.

5). According to the 2018 census, Kuwait has a population of about 46 lakhs, of which only 30% are native people, the rest are from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other countries who have migrated there in search of work.

6). Kuwait is the country with the largest oil reserves in the world and it exports 60% of its oil to Asia.

7) There is only one university here which was established in the year 1966.

8). Kuwait is the first Gulf country to have established a constitution and parliament.

9). Kuwait got independence from Britain on 19 June 1961, but due to the heat, Kuwait shifted its independence day from 19 June and started celebrating it on 25 February because June is the hottest summer there.

10). Kuwait is one of the hottest countries in the world. There is a lot of heat here and due to this, the temperature here reaches up to 55 degrees at times.

11). The currency of Kuwait is Kuwaiti Dinar. And Kuwaiti Dinar is one of the most expensive currency in the world. In today’s time, 1 Kuwaiti Dinar is equal to 242 rupees.

12). Here per person came is $ 71000. Which according to India is 53 lakh rupees.

13). In Kuwait, if you want to give a gift to any girl, then that woman cannot come to you herself to take the gift, but according to the law, her parents or her brother will come here.

14). In 2005, Kuwait built a huge grassy golf ground. But to keep the grass of this ground green, fresh water is used the most.

15). LIBERATION TOWER It is one of the tallest buildings in the world. Whose height is 1220 ft.

Amazing Facts About Kuwait

16). Kuwait ranks 5th in the world in terms of per capita income.

17). 60% of Kuwait’s total income comes from the industrial sector.

18). There are more than one million foreigners in Kuwait.

19). There are no words in the national anthem of Kuwait.

20). There are 1.43 males for every female in Kuwait.

21). In 2006, Kuwait became the first country to introduce the sport of camel racing.

22). Kuwait is the 5th richest country in the world in terms of oil storage.

23). In 1990, Iraq invaded and occupied Kuwait.

24). In terms of religious fanaticism, Kuwait is not far behind the rest of the Arabian countries. Here during the month of Ramadan, eating and drinking in public places, playing loud music and dancing is legally prohibited and you can be jailed for doing so.

25). The secret of Kuwait’s wealth is the crude oil ie petroleum present under its land. 95 percent of the total earnings of the Kuwaiti government comes from this oil.

Facts About Kuwait

26). Kuwait has a large number of cars due to the absence of trains. Kuwait is the country with the largest number of cars among the Gulf countries and is the sixth largest country in the world in terms of number of cars.

27). The world’s largest tire dumpyard is also in Kuwait. Seven million i.e. more than 70 lakhs worn out tires have been kept in this dumpyard. It can also be seen from space.

28). On June 15, 1994, McDonald’s opened its first restaurant in Kuwait. On the day of its inauguration, there was a line of about 7 miles i.e. about 11.15 kilometers long of customers.

29). The world’s oldest fingerprint was also discovered in Kuwait itself. This fingerprint found on a piece of pottery is about 7300 years old.

30). Although Kuwait does not have any river, but it is included in the top 10 countries in the whole world in terms of per capita water consumption. The average water consumption here is 500 liters per person.

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