40 Fun, Weird and Interesting Facts About Russia

Russia is one of the most powerful countries in the world, it has more nuclear weapons than any other country in the world. But few such things related to Russia that you will find strange, let’s know interesting and amazing things related to Russia…

Interesting Facts About Russia

1). Russia is the country in the world which is the largest country in the world in terms of area. Its total area is 17,075,400 square kilometer. It is the ninth part of the earth’s surface.

2). Russia is such a country in the world in which one part is evening and one part is day.

3). If seen from the nearest point of Russia and America, then the distance of America from Russia is only 4 kilometers.

4). Russia has 8,400 nuclear weapons, the most of any country.

5). Russia is bigger than the planet Pluto in terms of area.

6). Every Russian drinks 18 liters of beer every year.

7) There are 9 million more women than men in Russia.

8). Eating and drinking in a coffee house in Russia is free, but you have to pay a fee to spend time here. To spend a minute in this cafe you will have to pay around 1 to 3 rubles.

9). The value of the Apple company is more than the stock market of the whole of Russia.

10). Russia’s lake “Baikal” contains 20% of the world’s pure water.

Amazing and fun facts about Russia

11). In 1867, America bought Alaska from Russia for only 45.81 million rupees.

12). In 1908, the Imperial Russian Olympic team arrived 12 days late for their games because they were not using the Gregorian calendar.

13). The record of giving birth to the most children is in the name of a Russian woman. who had 69 children. Out of these, 7 were triads i.e. three were born together and only 7 were twins and the rest were one each.

14). In Russia it is a crime to tell children that there are gay people.

15). Russia is the first country to send satellite into space.

16). Teachers in Russia are paid vodka as a salary.

17). The first human chess was played in the year 1924 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Chess used to be a very popular sport in Russia around the 20th century. So this popularity gave Russia the idea to invent the human chase.

18). Driving dirty cars is a crime in Russia.

19). It is believed that there are about 15 cities in Russia whose names and addresses are all secret.

Weird facts about Russia

20). In 2011, within Russia, beverages that contained less than 10 percent alcohol were declared normal, so beer was recognized as a common food product.

21). A third of Russians believe that the Sun revolves around the Earth.

22). A torch is flown in the Olympic Games, it has passed through Russia about 70 times.

23). The word “Vodka” comes from the Russian word Voda which means Water.

24). The oldest tree in the world is in Russia, whose seeds are about 32,000 years old.

25). In Russia, every year more than 5 lakh deaths are caused by alcohol alone.

26). Russian scientists have been keeping foxes as dogs since 1959.

27). The eagle of Soviet Russia was such a bird that flew by pressing a huge animal like an elephant in its paw.

28). Russia’s Lake “Karachay” is the most polluted and radioactive lake in the world.

29). Vodka is responsible for 25% of the people of Russia who die before reaching the age of 55.

30). Rich people in Russia (Moscow) use fake ambulances to escape traffic.

31). There was a time when the ruler of Russia, Peter, imposed a tax on Dhadhi.

32). About 110 people of Russia keep 35 percent of the country’s total wealth with them. Economic inequality is widespread in this country.

33). The capital Moscow is home to 74 billionaires and because of this, Russia is the only country in the world with the largest number of billionaires in a single city.

34). There is another very strange custom in Russia. Here if you break any rule then any stranger will stop you and tell that you are doing this work wrong and breaking the rules.

Interesting facts about Russia

35). When a guest comes to Russia, he has to take off his shoes. You will be given a sleeper by the host. You only have to wear it. Also, if someone has invited you, then reach on time, otherwise reach after 15 minutes.

36). Lake Baikal in Russia alone contains 20% of the purest water in the world.

37). Russia is the leader in the export of oil and natural gas as 60 percent of the oil is exported from here. You will be surprised to know that in the number of oil and gas pipelines laid in Russia, the earth can be wrapped 6 times.

38). The Russian State Library in Moscow is the largest library in Europe and the second largest library in the world, while the Library of Congress ranks first.

39). Russia ranks first in the world in terms of divorce rate, here every 5000 couples out of 100,000 get divorced.

40). During the Second World War, the metro station was used to avoid air raids. During that time 150 people were born at the station itself.

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