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Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world. It was earlier known as Peak XV. You will be surprised to know that this mountain is increasing every year at the rate of 2 cm. Similarly, know fun facts about Everest…

Facts About Mount Everest

1). Mount Everest is located in Nepal and is the highest mountain in the world. Its height is 8848 meters above the sea level.

2). Mount Everest is named after the English scientist George Everest. George surveyed the highest peaks of India for 13 years.

3). Mount Everest in Nepal is locally known as Sagarmatha (meaning the top of heaven), a name given by Nepalese historian Baburam Acharya in the 1930s. In Tibet, it has been known for centuries as Chomolangma, meaning Queen of the Mountains.

4). There are 18 different routes to reach the summit of Everest.

5). The April 2015 earthquake reduced the height of Mount Everest by 1″ inch.

6). So far 19 Indians have succeeded in climbing the Everest.

7) To climb Everest, earlier people had to pay a fee of about 15 lakh rupees, but in 2015, the Nepalese government reduced it to about 7 lakhs.

8). At the top of Everest, wind speeds can reach 321 kilometers per hour and temperatures can reach -80°F.

9). There are 120 tons of garbage on Everest, including oxygen tanks, tents, etc.

10). Jordan Romero is the smallest person in the world and Yuichiro Miura is the world’s tallest person who scaled Everest. He did this feat at the age of 13 and 80 respectively.

30 Amazing Facts About Mount Everest

11). The best time to climb Everest is between March and May. Because at this time neither the rain is much nor the snow remains fresh.

12). It takes 2 months to climb the summit of Everest and the cost of a man is about 80 lakh rupees. This also includes air travel to Nepal.

13). The height of Mount Everest increases by about 1 inch every year. This is due to the collision of the Irasian and Indo-Australian plates.

15). Although it takes 3 days to descend from the summit of Everest, but in 2011, 2 Nepalese came down in just 48 minutes with the help of paragliding.

16). Till date, about 5000 people have tried to climb Everest, out of which about 280 people have lost their lives while climbing. Their dead bodies are lying here, sometimes people climb up even after taking their support.

17). In the last 42 years, except 2015, there has not been a year when no one has completed the climb of Everest. In 2015, no campaign was successful because a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal in April.

18). Scientific surveys say that the height of Everest is increasing at the rate of 2 cm per year.

19). Most of the deaths on Everest occur in the area close to the summit. It is also called the death zone. People often lose their lives by making a mistake at this place.

20). Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world according to the sea level, but if we talk about the height from the bottom to the summit, then the Mauna Kea mountain of the Hawaiian Islands is one kilometer longer than Mount Everest. About 6000 meters of the Mauna Kea mountain is in the sea and the rest is out of the sea. Its height is 4207 meters above sea level.

Fun Facts About Mount Everest

21). Two-thirds of the route to the summit of Everest is in the part of Earth’s atmosphere where oxygen levels are low. Due to the lack of oxygen, strong winds and extreme cold on the upper slopes, no plant or animal life is possible.

22). Mount Everest is called Devagiri in Sanskrit. Due to its vastness, it is also called the crown of the world.

23). Everest is 60 million years old, it snows all the time. The reason for the formation of Mount Everest is that when the continent of Laurasia broke up, it collided with it while moving towards the north of Asia. The ocean floor between the two plates of the Earth’s crust broke and India spread to the northern edges, thus giving rise to Mount Everest and the Himalaya Mountains.

24). The first ascent of Mount Everest was done by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. Edmund Hellery, who was from New Zealand and Tenzing Norgay, who was from Nepal,He conquered Everest on 29 May 1953. Since then 3448 people have climbed the mountain.

25). Nepal’s Apa Sherpa, also known as Prabhu Tashi Sherpa, has climbed the mountain 21 times between 11 May 2011 and 19 May 2013.

26). Bachendri Pal became the first Indian woman to climb Everest.


Q. In which country is Mount Everest?

Ans- Nepal

Q. Who is the person who holds the world record for climbing Mount Everest at the youngest age?

Ans – 13 year old Indian girl, Malavath Poorna has touched the summit of Everest. Poorna is the only girl in the whole world who has succeeded in climbing the 8,848 meter high mountain at such a young age.

Q Who was the first Indian to climb Everest?

Ans – Norgay Sherpa

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