15 Health Benefits Of Apple, Nutritional Facts, Side Effects

The apple is said in English, “An Apple a Day”, Keeps the Doctor Away, meaning eat an apple a day and drive the doctor away. Not everyone likes to go to the doctor, and if by eating a sev we can avoid diseases and what else is needed. Apple is considered a miraculous fruit.

Apples are more beneficial for our health than they are delicious to eat. Apple is a fibrous fruit, so it is rich in fiber. The digestive system is also correct by eating apples. Along with this, it is also a good anti-oxidant which also helps in removing diabetes, cancer, and diseases related to the brain. Apple normalizes the amount of glucose in the body.

Nutritional Facts About Apple

Nutrients found in a medium sized cut apple (100 grams) :-

  • Calories: 52
  • Water: 86%
  • Protein: 0.3 grams
  • Carbs: 13.8 grams
  • Sugar: 10.4 grams
  • Fiber: 2.4 grams
  • Fat: 0.2 grams

15 Health Benefits Of Eating Apple

1). Teeth Strong: –

Chewing an apple daily strengthens the teeth because apple increases the amount of saliva in the mouth and helps in removing bacteria from the teeth, which keeps the teeth safe and strong.

2). Treatment of diseases like anemia: –

It also treats diseases like anemia because iron is found in very good quantity in apple. If you eat 2 to 3 apples a day, then it fulfills the iron deficiency of the whole day.

3). Help in weight loss or increase: –

If you are on a diet to reduce your weight, then eating apple is very beneficial for you. Because sev has zero calories, and lots of nutritious elements. Even if you are thin, eating apple is beneficial for you. You will get strength by eating it and you will not feel weak.

4). Reduce the risk of cancer:-

The quercetin present in apple prevents damage to a person’s cells. This reduces the risk of cancer. It gives strength to the cells present in the person’s body to fight cancer.

5). Helpful in fighting mental diseases: –

Apple provides strength to fight against many mental diseases like Enzyme. According to scientists, drinking apple juice daily nourishes the brain and sharpens the brain.

6). Reduces Cholesterol :-

The fiber present in apple helps in reducing cholesterol. This fiber is obtained from fat in the stomach and reduces cholesterol.

7) Protect from diabetes: –

Apple is a boon for those who are diabetic. Pectin found in apples, which fulfills the deficiency of galactronic acid in the body and reduces the use of insulin.

Amazing Health Benefits Of Eating Apple

8). Heart remains healthy: –

Eating apple is very beneficial for blood pressure patients, it keeps the blood pressure of the heart normal. A compound called phenolic compound is found in the peel of the apple, which facilitates the flow of blood in the arteries by clearing the waste accumulated in the arteries. If some waste accumulates in the arteries, then there is a risk of heart attack. So eating apples is also good for the heart.

9). Keeps Digestion Correct: –

Apples contain a good amount of fiber which helps in digestion. And if apple is eaten with its peel, then it also cures constipation.

10). Keep the Immune System Good: –

Quercetin salt is an antioxidant found in red apples. Recent studies have found that quercetin strengthens your immune system. Due to this, any disease does not affect our body quickly.

11). Strengthen bones: –

Flavonoids are found in apples, which protect women from osteoporosis as it increases the density of bones. Also, apple contains calcium which strengthens bones.

12). Helps to prevent cataract: –

Research has found that people who consume such fruits daily which are found in antioxidants – such as apples, the chances of cataract in them are reduced by 0 to 15 percent.

13). Prevents from stones: –

Apple helps in preventing the formation of kidney stones as it contains a good amount of cider vinegar. Eating sev everyday does not cause stones in the body.

14). Prevent Alzheimer’s: –

Alzheimer’s is a disease related to the brain. A research has found that drinking apple juice daily can always prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Apple protects the cells of the brain, which does not cause diseases like Alzheimer’s.

15). Increase the beauty of the face –

By eating apple, the dark spots of the face are removed, there is a glow on the face and you look healthy. According to a research, antioxidant properties are found in apples, which can show anti-aging effects on the skin. Along with this, apple can also help in reducing skin inflammation and prevent acne. It also has another antimicrobial property, which can help protect the skin from bacterial infections.

Side Effects Of Apple

  • Eating apple seeds in excess can cause dizziness. Because cyanide makes the body weak. Due to which the person’s mind is not able to work properly and due to weakness in the body, the person starts feeling dizzy.
  • Eating apple seeds in large quantities can cause breathing problems. Consuming apples in excess can cause shortness of breath. In addition, it can also increase the heart rate.
  • Consuming apple seeds in excess can cause vomiting and stomach pain. Because due to cyanide, the body becomes very weak. Along with this, the digestive power gets spoiled, due to which the problem of stomach ache and vomiting starts.

  • Scientific Name – Malus pumila

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