10 Health Benefits Of Eating Mango, Disadvantages, Types Of Mango

As much as the taste is full of mango food, it is beneficial for our health, it contains a lot of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants which are helpful in keeping us healthy. By eating mango, we get rid of many diseases. It is also the national fruit of India. That is why mango is called the king of fruits.Mango is liked by most of the people, there are very few people who do not like mango. Mango is very low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. It is also considered a good source of dietary fiber, vitamin B-6, vitamin A and vitamin C.

There are many health benefits of eating mango. Mineral salts like potassium, magnesium and copper are also found in abundance in mango. Not only this, mango is also an excellent source of quercetin, betacarotene and astragalin.

There are many types of mangoes found in India. Due to this, difference is also found in the size and taste of different mangoes. Hapus, Badam, Totapari, Langra, Sindoori, Neelam, Ratnagiri, Lalpatta are to name a few species of mango. Mango is very useful in both raw and ripe form. There are about four hundred species of mangoes in the world. It is found in orange, red, and green colors.

Health Benefits Of Eating Mango

1). Extra Cholesterol – Mango Benefits for Cholesterol

By eating mango, the adiponectin present in it gradually reduces the level of extra cholesterol. And increases the process of insulin production, which automatically turns extra cholesterol into energy.

2). High blood pressure treatment

Vitamins are found in abundance in mango, due to which health remains good. It is a common natural remedy for high blood pressure patients, as it is rich in potassium and magnesium.

3). Reduce the risk of heart attack –

Mango contains a chemical called leptin, which reduces appetite. This also burns extra calories. Plenty of potassium reduces the risk of heart attack by keeping both heart rate and blood pressure running smoothly.

4). Cancer Treatment –

Pectin, a soluble dietary fiber, is found in mango. Pectin works effectively in reducing blood cholesterol level. It also protects us from cancer occurring in the gland.

5). For Skin

The flavonoids present in mango reduce acne by opening the open pores of the skin. An element called beta-carotene found in mango divides vitamin A into many elements, which make the skin glowing as well as keep it healthy. In addition, vitamin E eliminates free radicals, which reduces premature aging and cleanses the skin and gets rid of blemishes.

Mango Benefits And Side Effects

6). To gain weight –

Consuming mango is the easiest way to gain weight. 150 grams of mango contains about 86 calories of energy, which is easily absorbed by our body. Not only this, starch is found in mango, which converts into sugar and ultimately increases the weight.

7) Protection from heat stroke –

To avoid the heat in summer, it is very important that the amount of water in your body remains the same. The potassium present in mango maintains the amount of sodium level in the body, which protects it from the hot winds of summer and keeps the body cool. For this, by eating raw mango daily, the amount of water in the body remains equal, but before eating mango, keep it soaked in water for about an hour before. Eating it is more beneficial.

8). Indigestion and ACDT – Mango for Acidity

It also removes problems like common indigestion and ACDT. The enzymes found in mango help in digestion of food.

9). For Eyes – Mango Benefits for Eyes

Beneficial for eyes Vitamin A present in mango is very beneficial for eyes. Along with increasing eyesight, it also removes many types of problems like night blindness, cataract, burning of eyes, itching, dryness in eyes, watery eyes etc.

10). Treatment of Anemia – Mango for Anemia

Mangoes are very beneficial for those who are suffering from Enema. Because iron is found in abundance in it. Regular and adequate consumption of mango increases the amount of blood in the body, which keeps diseases like anemia away.

Disadvantages Of Mango

* People with sensitive health may have allergic or sore throat problems due to its consumption. Excessive consumption of mango can also cause stomach upset and vomiting.

* Pregnant women, especially those with gestational diabetes, should consume mangoes only after consulting a doctor. Along with this, those who have the problem of arthritis, they should also consume mango after asking the doctor.

* Mango fruits cannot be eaten directly by sucking or cutting because there is a chemical in the upper part of it, which if applied on the skin or lips, causes itching.

* In the beginning of mango season, farmers and fruit sellers use artificial ripening of mangoes to sell them at higher prices, calcium carbide is used for artificial ripening of mangoes which is injurious to health. Consumption of such chemical-rich fruits can also cause mental disorders.

Types Of Mangoes

By the way, there are more than 400 varieties of mangoes in the world. But here I am telling you about some famous mangoes of India.

Himsagar – Mango originating in West Bengal.

Banganapalli – Mango originating in Andhra Pradesh.

Dasehri – Mango grown in Lucknow and Malihabad.

Alphonso – Originates in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra.

Saffron – Mango originating in Saurashtra, Gujarat.

Totapuri – Mango originating in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Badami – Mango originating in Karnataka. It is also known as the Alphonso of Karnataka.

Langra – Mango grown in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.

Mankurad and Musrad – This mango is found in Goa.

Malda – It is cultivated in Digha of Bihar.

Neelam – This mango is found in Hyderabad.

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