10 Health Benefits Of Aloe vera | Types, Benefits For Skin, Side Effects

Aloe vera is called a superfood and is also known as a mysterious plant because of its use in a variety of cosmetics. In the last few years, the usefulness and popularity of aloe vera has increased tremendously. If we talk about the medicinal properties of aloe vera, then it has antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and many other properties.

Medicinal Benefits Of Aloevera

Along with this, essential nutrients like vitamin A and folic acid are also found in it. It can be beneficial for health like a health tonic.It can be beneficial for health like a health tonic. This single plant can show beneficial results ranging from improving digestion, boosting immunity as well as in diseases like diabetes. Aloe vera found in different parts of the world is known by many names in different parts of the country and abroad. Its botanical name is Aloe.

Types Of Aloe vera

There are many types of aloe vera. Some of these are – Low Barbadensis (Aloe Barbadensis), Tiger Aloe, Climbing Aloe, Aloe Descoingsii, Red Aloe.

Benefits Of Aloe vera

1) Aloevera For Weight Loss

Eating outside and not doing physical activity properly can lead to weight gain. In such a situation, if aloe vera juice is consumed, then to some extent this problem can be relieved. Actually, according to a research done on rats published on the website of NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), the problem of obesity caused by diet can be reduced to some extent due to the anti-obesity properties present in aloe vera. In addition, it increases energy consumption and can reduce body fat to some extent.

2) Aloevera For Diabetes

According to a study that came out some time ago, if you are suffering from type 2 diabetes, then aloe vera gel in it can be very beneficial for you. Consuming aloe vera gel keeps the blood sugar level low. However, if your blood sugar medicine is being prescribed by your doctor. So take its saver only on the advice of the doctor. The reason for this can be excessively low blood sugar due to the consumption of aloe vera without medical advice. Which is very dangerous for the body.

3) Aloevera For Different Skin Problems

Aloe vera gel is very beneficial for the skin as well as the hair. It has anti fungal and moisturizing properties. Which removes dandruff when applied to the hair. Along with this, by applying it on the skin from face to body, making it spotless as well as keeping it hydrated. Aloe vera gel also reduces the effect of sun burn.

4) Aloevera For Constipation

Many people take a variety of medicines for constipation, which can have side effects. In such a situation, if natural things are consumed, then the problem of constipation can be relieved. Here we are giving information about what happens by eating aloe vera in constipation. Aloe vera juice can be beneficial in case of constipation. Aloe vera has laxative properties (laxative – stomach-cleansing properties).

5) Aloevera For Cholesterol

Aloe vera consumption can also be beneficial for cholesterol. According to a report published on the NCBI website, consumption of aloe vera can not only reduce oxidative stress, but also reduce liver cholesterol.

6) Aloevera For Brain Health

Talking about the benefits of aloe vera, it can also be beneficial for brain health. Aloe vera may be effective for neurodegenerative disease, epilepsy and brain health. Apart from this, according to a study, aloe vera can be helpful in improving memory power.

7) Aloevera For Skin

It is most popular to use Aloe Vera on the face. It has anti-inflammatory properties, due to which it is very effective in treating acne. The enzymes present in it seal the moisture of the skin and form an antibacterial layer over them, which protects the skin from any kind of bacterial infection.

8) Aloevera For Hair

Aloe vera can also be used for hair growth. Aloe vera contains an enzyme that protects the scalp from all kinds of diseases, which reduces hair fall. It helps in the formation of new hair naturally and in the growth of already existing hair. It is an Ayurvedic medicine which increases the blood flow to the hair roots present in the scalp, which makes the hair stronger.

9) Aloevera For Piles

When hemorrhoids occur, warts come out in the area around the anus, in which there is a lot of itching and burning. Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties and is very beneficial in reducing inflammation and irritation in warts. For this, you take a small amount of aloe vera and apply it around the anus with the help of fingers and massage lightly with fingers.

10) Aloevera For Immunity

With the changing seasons, many times people get sick very quickly. In such a situation, the consumption of aloe vera can help in increasing immunity. According to the National Cancer Institute, aloe vera can also help keep a person healthy by acting as an immune booster.

Side effects Of Aloevera

  • Excessive use of aloe vera gel can cause skin rashes, itching and redness.
  • There may be dehydration.
  • Due to the laxatives found in aloe vera juice, there may be a problem of dehydration or dehydration in the body.
  • Laxatives are commonly used for constipation or indigestion.
  • May cause irregular heart rate.

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