31 Amazing Facts About Apple Company That Will Blow Your Mind

Apple company is one of the largest technology company in the world for its best products. It is famous for hardware products such as Macintosh, iPod and iPhone. Apple has become a status symbol in all over world.Its iphone,iPads are very much popular these days.Let’s know interesting things related to Apple..

Intresting Facts About Apple Company

1). To start the Apple company, Steve Jobs sold his Volkswagen and Steve Wozniak sold his calculator.

2). The Apple company was founded on April 1st Fool’s Day in 1976.

3). Apple’s earliest computers did not include a monitor, keyboard, or case, and were an assembled circuit board.

4). When the Apple company was founded, its logo had a picture of Newton. Not only this, the name of a product of Apple was also Newton. Before the arrival of the iPhone, the Apple company used to sing the merits of this product. But as soon as the iPhone came, Jobs ended the relationship between Apple and Newton.

5). You will be surprised to know that every third person working in Apple is Indian.

6). Apple was the first to make a digital color camera.

7). You do not believe but Steve Jobs, who is the founder of the company, was evicted by the company in 1985, he returned to the company again in 1996.

8). For his last 15 years in Apple company, Jobs took only $1 as salary. Despite this, Jobs’ total capital was more than $ 7 billion. Steve was the largest shareholder of the company.

30 Interesting Facts About Apple Inc.

9). Apple has about 100,000 employees all over the world. Apple Headquarters employees earn $125,000 every year. Apple company earns $300,000 every 1 minute.

10). Apple’s apps are the most downloaded in the world. More than 25 billion apps have been downloaded from the Apple Store so far.

11). There are more than 60% of the apps in the Apple APP Store which has never been downloaded till date.

12). Steve Jobs was a follower of Buddhism.

13). Another thing very famous about Apple CEO Tim Cook. If you’re an Apple employee, be prepared for an e-mail from Cook at 4.30 a.m. Cook e-mails each of his employees as early as 4.30 am. Now this is a unique way of working.

14). Steve Jobs became a millionaire at the age of only 25 on the basis of Apple company alone.

15). If APPLE’S iPhone is fully charged once a day, it will consume 0.25$ of electricity in a year.

16). Steve Jobs gave every Apple employee a free iPhone.

17). Never smoke near Apple Computers because doing so voids its warranty.

Facts About iPhone Apple Company

18). If you use iTunes, you have already agreed not to use Apple products to build nuclear weapons.

19). The iPod maker had previously suggested it to the companies Philips and Real Networks, but they failed to see their potential. Later Apple got ready.

20). The Apple iPad’s Retina display is actually made by Samsung.

21). Even though Apple is an American company, 61 percent of Apple’s business is done outside the US. That is, one-third of Apple’s profit does not come from America, but from other countries.

22). In 2012, Apple sold 40 million iPhones. This means an average of around 110000 iPhones were sold per day. That is, an average of 4,583 iPhones per hour, 76 iPhones per minute and 1.26 iPhones per second. Apple’s iPhones are sold in 89 countries around the world.

23). Apple earned so much money in the first quarter of 2014 that Google, Facebook & Amazon didn’t earned combinedly.

24). The popularity of this company can be gauged from the fact that a man in Japan was in line for 7 months for the iPhone 6.

25). When Steve Jobs was shown the first sample of the Apple iPod, he put it in an aquarium and tried to use Air Bubbles to prove that it still had free space and could be made smaller.

Did You Know Facts About Apple Company

26). Apple MacBook’s battery can also protect you from gunshots as it is BulletProof.

27). Microsoft founder Bill Gates invested $150 million in the bankruptcy of Apple in 1997.

28). Apple is also most famous for its great phone and as a company that follows strict rules for the privacy of its customers, because according to the company, they do not make any compromise for the privacy of any customer. And you will also remember an incident when Apple refused even the FBI when the FBI approached Apple to unlock the iPhone of a terrorist.

29). At present, Apple is the most valuable company in the world. Whose market value (price) is close to $ 612 billion i.e. around Rs 41 lakh crore.

30). Steve Jobs was fired from Apple in 1985, but after about 9 years he once again returned to the company.

31). Every ad for the Apple iPhone shows the time of 9:41 AM on the phone. This is because the first iPhone was launched at the same time.

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