30 Interesting Facts About Germany

Today, even though Germany is counted among the most powerful countries in the world, in the First World War, Germany had become completely poor, Germany had been indebted so much, which is equal to 96,000 tonnes of gold. Yet today it is included in the developed countries of the world. Many such interesting facts related to Germany (Germany ke bare me rochak tathya) that you will be surprised to know-

Amazing Facts About Germany

1). The ancient Romans called the countries of “barbaric tribes” living north of the Danube River Germania, after which the English word Germany was named.

2). In Germany, one cannot say Happy B’day in advance because doing so is considered a sign of bad luck.

3). Germany’s name is also included in the countries that print the most books.

4). In Germany, if a prisoner tries to escape from prison, it is not considered a crime because they believe that it is a human right to be free.

5). The world’s first magazine was launched in Germany in 1663.

6). There are no speed limits on 70% of Germany’s highways, but it is illegal to run out of fuel on highways.

7) Work is underway in Germany on a project in which Christian churches, mosques, and temples will all come together.

8). After World War I, the number of men in Germany had become so low that only 1 in 3 women could find a husband. Means 350 men per 1000 women.

9). It was a crime not to do Nazi salute during Hitler’s rule, but today it is a crime to do Nazi salute and doing so can lead to 3 years in jail.

10). The German army can refuse to obey its officers if it feels that it is against humanity.

Germany Facts For kids

11). Germany ranks second in the world in terms of beer consumption and 300 types of bread are also available here.

12). Germany comes second in the European Union in terms of population. Its population is about 8 crores (equivalent to Andhra Pradesh of India).

13). Germany and Japan have the lowest birth rates in the world, the population of Germany has decreased by 2 lakhs in the last 10 years.

14). In World War II, about two million German women aged 13 to 70 were raped by the Russian Red Army.

15). Fanta was invented in Germany during World War II because it became difficult to import Coca-Cola from other countries.

16). Between 1989 and 2009, about 2,000 schools in Germany had to be closed due to lack of children.

17). It is illegal to smoke in a public place here. It is legal to drink alcohol there.

18). Not one or two but Aachen, Regensburg, Frankfurt-am-Main, Nuremberg, Weimar, Bonn and Berlin have all been the capital of Germany.

19). The world’s first magazine was started in Germany in 1663. And today Germany also has the largest number of books printed in the world.

20). Car maker BMW, AUDI, Mercedes-Benz are all German companies. Today almost all the countries of the world use their cars.

Fun Facts About Germany

21). The people of America spend more money on their pets than Germany spends on its defense budget.

22). Germans start phone conversations by saying their names instead of hello.

23). There are also rules for naming a child in Germany. They cannot keep a name that shows gender like: maria etc.

24). Here it is a legal offense to discriminate in any way against homosexual people.

25). Germany ranks second in Europe in terms of alcohol consumption.

26). The world’s largest cathedral is in Ulm, Germany, which is about 530 feet tall.

27). In the field of engineering, today the first name in the whole world comes from Germany.

28). Germany is known as the country of cyclists. 96% of people in Germany have their own bicycle.

29). It is very difficult to make people living in Germany laugh, the people here laugh very hard.

30). In 1936, when the Olympics were held in Germany, India competed with Germany, in which India defeated Germany 8-1 due to hockey legend Major Dhyanchand. Hitler was also watching this match and impressed by Major Dhyanchand’s game, he offered him a high position in his army and played for Germany. But the patriot Major Dhyan Chand turned down this offer with a smile.

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