10 Wonderful Benefits Of Cinnamon – Types,Side Effects, Usage

Cinnamon is a very beneficial spice used in food. It not only enhances the taste of food and also helps in curing diseases. It is used only in the form of spices in most of the homes. But it is also a beneficial medicine. According to Ayurveda, many diseases can be treated with the use of cinnamon. Let us know the benefits and harms of cinnamon.

What is cinnamon?

Cinnamon tree is always green and like a small bush. The bark of its stem is selected and dried. Their shape is spherical , dark, soft and brownish red in color. The bark of cinnamon is thinner, yellower, and more fragrant than the bark of the bay tree. It is soft and smooth in color. When the fruit is plucked, a turpentine-like smell comes from inside. Its oil can also be extracted. Its flowers are small, green or white in color. If you rub cinnamon leaves, it gives a pungent smell.

Nutritional Information About Cinnamon

  • Water – 10.58 g
  • Energy – 247 kcal
  • Protein – 3.99 g
  • Fat – 1.24 g
  • Carbohydrate – 80.59 g
  • Sugar – 2.17 g
  • Calcium – 1002 mg
  • Iron – 8.32 mg
  • Magnesium – 60 mg
  • Phosphorus – 64 mg
  • Potassium – 431 mg
  • Sodium – 10 mg
  • Zinc – 1.83 mg
  • Manganese – 17.466 mg
  • Copper – 0.339 mg
  • Selenium – 3.1 µg


  • Vitamin C – 3.8 mg
  • Thiamine – 0.022 mg
  • Riboflavin – 0.041 mg
  • Niacin – 1.332 mg
  • Pantothenic Acid – 0.358 mg
  • Vitamin-B6 – 0.158 mg
  • Folate – 6 µg
  • Vitamin A – 15 µg
  • Carotene, beta – 112 µg
  • carotene, alpha – 1 µg
  • Lycopene – 15 µg
  • Lutein Zeaxanthin – 222 µg
  • Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) – 2.3 mg

Types Of Cinnamon

Generally, we know of only one type of cinnamon, which is used in the preparation of drinks, pulses and vegetables. But there are mainly two types of cinnamon. The main difference between these two types of cinnamon is the taste.

Usually, the color of the wood that cinnamon is used in our homes, its taste is more pungent. It is known as regular cinnamon or cassia. This cinnamon is easily available in supermarkets and grocery stores.

The second type of cinnamon is known as Ceylon. Its taste is milder than cachea. This cinnamon is also known as True Cinnamon. Ceylon is used only in certain things and medicines. It is costlier than cashier.

Benefits Of Cinnamon

1).Provides relief from stomach problems

Cinnamon helps you to overcome most stomach problemsRelieves you of stomach problems Cinnamon helps you to overcome most stomach problems. It is used to relieve bloating, constipation and nausea. Cinnamon is also helpful in preventing stomach ulcers and increasing appetite. It is used to relieve bloating, constipation and nausea. Cinnamon is also helpful in preventing stomach ulcers and increasing appetite.

2) Gives relief from menstrual problems

Studies have indicated that consuming cinnamon not only reduces menstrual cramps and pain but is also helpful in preventing nausea during menstruation.

3). Diabetes and blood sugar – Cinnamon benefits for diabetes

The benefits of eating cinnamon may also include controlling diabetes. If diabetic patients include cinnamon in the diet, then diabetes can be controlled to a great extent. Actually, it has anti-diabetic properties.Another research suggests that the polyphenols present in cinnamon may protect against the risk of diabetes by lowering serum glucose and insulin.

4). cancer – Cinnamon benefits for Cancer

Cinnamon can reduce the growth and spread of cancer cells. A study done on rats has been reported to have chemopreventive properties. According to research, the anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, apoptosis-inducing (cell-killing) activity, anti-proliferative (inhibiting cell growth) effects present in cinnamon work together as a chemopreventive agent. All these together can interfere with the process of formation of cancer cells and stop them from growing and forming.

5). Stomach and digestion- Cinnamon benefits for digestion

The benefits of eating cinnamon include digestive and stomach health. Cinnamon has been used since ancient times to relieve digestive problems. It has anti-microbial properties, which can work to fight bacteria that cause infections in the digestive system and stomach. This property prevents the growth of bacteria like Listeria and Escherichia coli in foods. These bacteria can cause problems by reaching the stomach through food.

Amazing Benefits Of Cinnamon

6). Benefits of cinnamon for brain health

Cinnamon home remedy is also considered very beneficial for the brain. It can work to make the brain healthy by reducing oxidative stress. According to research conducted on rats published online on June 24, 2016 in the journal Neuroimmune Pharmacology, consumption of cinnamon can enhance memory. Along with this, the ability to learn quickly can also increase. According to research, this may be due to the sodium benzoate produced by consuming cinnamon.

7) Oral health – Cinnamon benefits for oral health

One study states that the oil extracted from cinnamon may work to inhibit the activity of bacteria called Streptococcus mutans. These bacteria are responsible for the cavity. At the same time, its use can also have a bad effect on the teeth, so it should be used properly.

8). Obesity goes away- Cinnamon benefits For Weight Loss

It is very helpful in reducing cholesterol from the body, due to which it helps in reducing obesity. Let us tell you that there are polyphenols inside cinnamon. Which is a kind of antioxidant. It increases the insulin in your body. It helps to control glucose in the blood through insulin.

9). Rich in Antioxidants – Cinnamon benefits

It is rich in anti-oxidants. Cinnamon has the most anti-oxidants compared to other spices.

10). In the problem of baldness or hair fall – Cinnamon benefits for hair growth

Not only cinnamon, but the leaves of its tree can also take care of you. If you are troubled by the problem of baldness or hair fall. Then a paste of cinnamon tree leaves can be a panacea for you. However, research has not been done on this till now. But experts believe that through this hair can be kept healthy.

Side Effects Of Cinnamon

  • If you consume more cinnamon, then it can reduce the amount of glucose in your body. Due to which you can feel low in energy.
  • People suffering from liver related problems should consume it only on the advice of the doctor.
  • Women should avoid consuming cinnamon during pregnancy, as it can even kill the baby.
  • Such people who take blood thinning medicines should avoid the consumption of cinnamon.

How To Use Cinnamon?

If you want to consume it, then keep in mind that even though it is not a medicine. But it is used only as a medicine and spice. In such a situation, if you consume cinnamon, then do not exceed only 0.1 mg. Otherwise it can also be harmful for you.

Q. What is the flavor of cinnamon? 

Ans- The taste of cinnamon is hot.

Q. What can be the benefit of eating cinnamon and honey together?

Ans – The benefits of cinnamon and honey include reducing the pain of arthritis, preventing bladder infection, stomach pain, cold and reducing cholesterol. It can also be beneficial in boosting immunity.

Q. How is drinking cinnamon mixed with milk beneficial for health?

Ans- Cinnamon milk is considered good for digestion. Along with this, it is also said to be helpful in removing cold and cold, but no research is available on it.

Q. What are the disadvantages of cinnamon and milk?

Ans – In the article, we have already told that cinnamon can cause allergies. Actually, there is a kind of protein in cow’s milk, which can cause allergies. In such a situation, if someone is allergic to milk or cinnamon, then they can be harmed by cinnamon and milk.

Q. Can cinnamon reduce belly fat?

Ans – It can help in reducing weight, which we have mentioned above. On this basis, it can be said that it can also be helpful in reducing belly fat.

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