5 Tips For Time Management

Friends, we all know that God has given us more and less everything, but time has been given to everyone equally i.e. 24 hours. Mukesh Ambani has as much time as you have.

When unsuccessful people are asked the reason for not doing work, they make excuses for not having time. Successful people do all their work in the same time because they know how to use their time properly.

In today’s time we see that about 80% and more people do not keep any time table of their time, where their time is being spent. And also they do not know how to use the time properly, how to manage the time so that one can achieve success in life. And due to this, people stay away from fulfilling their dreams and the main reason for this is not knowing how to use time properly, how to do time management, etc.

First of all, you have to ask yourself these questions and whatever comes to your mind, comment below so that we can answer it in the next article. If you clear these questions then you will learn to use the time properly.

  1. Why do I have time constraints (reason for lack of time) ?
  1. What is taking up my time?
  1. Can I reduce the amount of time I work?
  2. Do I work according to the whole day’s planning?
  1. May I know where my time is being wasted?
  1. What are the main reasons for wasting my time?
  1. How much extra time do I have and in what work do I spend it?
  1. Do I want or want to learn to use correctly?

Time Management Tips For Students

Set a goal

Therefore, in order to use the time properly, first of all you have to set your goals. And setting goals alone will not work. Everyone makes a goal. But you have to decide in how much time you want to achieve this goal.

When you bind the goal to the time limit, then you spend more of your time in completing it.

Make a Time table

To make good use of time, first of all, you should make your 24 hours of time, such as 6 hours of sleep, 8 hours of job, business or any other work, time to eat dinner, time to watch TV (better if you do not watch TV in your life). will be), travel time etc. Now friends, I will tell you how to make a time table.

  • First do the most important thing

Now you can choose according to your own what is your most important work, like if there are any students, then you have to study for them. If you do a job, then the most important work for you is to go on duty. Decide it according to you.

And first do the work that you need to do, after that do other things, this will save you a lot of time and will not waste time in small tasks.

  • Then do important things.

After you have done your most important work, then do the work that is important.

  • Do normal work.

When you have done the most important and important thing, then do normal work.

Time Management Skills

Never postpone your work for tomorrow.

Try to do your work on time only. Not that you are doing two hours of work in four hours.

When you complete a task on time. Then all the time is taken out for your next task.

Habits have some advantages in doing important work on schedule.

When the deadline for your work is fixed and you complete it on the stipulated time, then you get away from laziness.

The second advantage is that you can do that work well.

Use waste Time

If you have to accomplish big goals in life, then there is no question of waste time.

This means that whenever you are traveling in a bus, train or any means, learn to use it properly, while traveling you listen to or read motivational books or videos, audios, which will increase your knowledge and save your time.

Do the planning ( Time management tips)

Planning means you plan your entire day a day in advance and go according to it. Successful people do a month’s planning together, on which date to be called etc.

Whenever you go to sleep, you must sleep after planning for the next day. I have to do it tomorrow then you go according to that.

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