15 Health Benefits Of Coffee, Types, Disadvantages

Coffee has become a very important drink in today’s time. Coffee has become a part of everyday life, whether with waking up in the morning or for relaxation. Coffee consumption is also very beneficial for our health. The effect of caffeine present in coffee affects our entire body. So let’s know the advantages and disadvantages of coffee.

There was a time when people in India only gave importance to tea, but now the times have changed. Today people like to have coffee with friends or anywhere. Although coffee is originally grown in the countries of Africa. Coffee is as delicious as it is beneficial for health. But the correct information should be kept about its consumption, otherwise it can also be harmful. Drinking a cup of coffee provides vitamins B2, B3 and B5, manganese, magnesium and potassium.

Types Of Coffee

There are many types of coffee found. In which – say espresso or black coffee, espresso macchiato, cappuccino, cafe latte, mocha chino, America – no, Irish coffee, Indian filter coffee, Turkish coffee, white coffee.

How Much Coffee You Should Drink In A Day?

Consumption of coffee in limited quantity has its positive effect. It is beneficial only if you consume 3-4 cups of coffee every day. On the basis of recent reports, health experts say that drinking two to three cups of coffee without the addition of milk or sugar reduces the risk of liver-related diseases.

Health Benefits Of Drinking Coffee

1). Coffee Increases memory (Coffee For Memory)

The biggest benefit of drinking coffee is for our brain, it makes the brain healthy and enhances memory. Along with this, the problem of headache also goes away. According to a recent research conducted by Trinity College, the caffeine adrenoline found in coffee improves blood circulation and makes the brain more active and does not cause stress.

2). Beneficial for the skin:(Coffee For Skin)

Coffee is also very beneficial for the skin. The antioxidants found in coffee protect the skin from free radicals, due to which our skin gets natural protection. A research revealed that coffee seed juice preserves the energy of skin cells due to its free-radical properties. Caffeine found in it reduces the accumulation of blood under our eyes which is a cause of dark circles.

3). Remove tiredness:(Coffee For Tiredness)

Coffee helps in removing tiredness of the body and provides agility.Research has proven that 400 mg of caffeine can improve your stamina.

4). Get rid of liver disease:(Coffee For Liver)

If someone already has any liver related disease, then drinking black coffee is beneficial for them too. Various elements found in coffee have a good effect on the liver. Caffeine, coffee oil, cafestol and antioxidants are prominent among these elements.

5). Reduce obesity:(Coffee For Weight Loss)

Coffee helps a lot in reducing obesity. The caffeine present in it reduces the fat present in the body and does not allow the fat to increase. Therefore, those who have obesity problems should consume coffee. Coffee contains magnesium and potassium, which help the body use insulin and regulate blood sugar levels.

6). Protection from sunlight: ( Coffee For Sun Protection)

The ultraviolet rays emanating from the sun are very dangerous. Sometimes this leads to a life-threatening skin disease. According to a research, caffeine protects the skin from ultraviolet rays. According to another research, caffeine prevents damage to DNA, thereby protecting the skin from the effects of ultraviolet rays.

7) Diabetes patient:(Coffee For Diabetes)

If someone has diabetes then coffee should be consumed, because the person who consumes coffee 4 times a day reduces the risk of getting type 2 diabetes. Drinking 3 to 4 cups of coffee daily can reduce the risk of diabetes by 50 percent.

Main Benefits Of Drinking Coffee

8). Makes the skin glowing: (Coffee For Skin)

Coffee not only brings smoothness to the skin, but also makes it glow. Coffee has the property of repairing tissue,Due to which the growth of cells is rapid. This encourages hydration in the skin and makes the skin flexible.

9). Provide energy: ( Coffee For Energy)

Caffeine present in coffee is psychoactive which reacts with the body to improve your mood, give energy.

10). Clears the stomach:(Coffee For Stomach)

Coffee is a diuretic beverage that will make you urinate frequently. Therefore, drinking black coffee without sugar flushes out toxins and bacteria and clears your stomach.

11). Benefits for breast:(Coffee For Women)

According to a research, consuming coffee daily increases the size of the breast of women. By consuming only 3 cups of coffee, the size of the breast starts increasing faster than the normal people.

12). Prevents heart diseases: (Coffee For Heart)

If you drink black coffee without sugar, then it benefits your heart. Drinking coffee reduces the level of inflammation in the body, thereby protecting against cardiovascular disease.

13). Benefits for cancer: ( Coffee For Cancer)

According to recent research, it has been found that drinking coffee has reduced the risk of cancer in 20% of men and cancer of the uterus in 25% of women.People doing research have advised to consume coffee 4 times a day. Women who drink 3 cups of coffee a day have a lower risk of skin cancer. Coffee also helps reduce the risk of liver cancer.

14). Increases blood circulation: ( Coffee For Blood Circulation)

Coffee also increases blood circulation, which keeps the skin healthy. Along with this, the swelling of the tissue and the de-puffing area of ​​the skin are also reduced.

15). Reduce age: (Coffee For Age Rewind)

By drinking black coffee without sugar, your mind and body are always young. The caffeine present in coffee increases the level of dopamine, so drinking it can prevent diseases like Parkinson’s.

16). De-addiction: ( Coffee For Addiction)

Coffee has many benefits, but its another advantage is that by drinking strong coffee, the effect of alcohol and opium, ganja-cannabis poison ends.

Side Effects Of Drinking Coffee

As we know that anything has its advantages as well as disadvantages, similarly coffee also has many disadvantages. Let’s go…

1). Drinking more coffee is also a disadvantage that semen is diluted, sexual power weakens and appetite and digestion power are also negatively affected.

2). Drinking too much coffee can lead to a fatal disease like cancer. By consuming too much caffeine, the nerves of the body become weak and it starts feeling nervous. Apart from this, despair and depression also take place in the brain.

3). Drinking coffee shortly before bedtime can make you face problems like headache, nausea, tension, nervousness, restlessness and fast heartbeat. This can also disturb your sleep.

4). Caffeine present in coffee can also increase heartburn and acidity. Drinking more than three cups of coffee a day can distract you. Due to which you may face difficulty in sleeping at night.

5). Consuming too much caffeine can also cause other problems like diarrhea, vomiting, muscle fatigue and weight loss.

6). Drinking coffee can distract you. Due to this you may face difficulty in sleeping at night.

7). Pitta present in the body is hot and competitive. Those who have more problems like this. They should avoid coffee. Because in this case this coffee can increase your anger, headache and acidity excessively.


What is the right time to drink coffee?

If you like to drink coffee between 10 am and 11:30 pm or if you have a habit of it, then this is the right time when the cortisol level is low. It is safe for you to drink coffee at this time.

Is it ok to have 2 coffees a day?

Yes, it is okay to consume 2 cups of coffee in a day.

Is Coffee Bad for the Kidneys?

No, coffee is not bad for the kidney. It can work to reduce kidney problems

Is coffee bad for the skin?

No, coffee is not harmful for the skin, rather it is considered beneficial for the skin. Coffee can help protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation and aid in the aging process .

Is it okay to drink coffee everyday?

Yes, it is okay to drink a limited amount of coffee daily.

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