How to catch a lier ? Know someone is lying to you

How to catch a lie?

No special knowledge is required to catch a person’s lie. His gestures and voice can catch his lie. Although a liar has a thousand things, yet there are some flaws due to which the lie is caught.

Justice analysts use lie detection to select benches; The police use these methods during interrogation. Even the judges use this to know the truth. Let’s know how to catch a liar and a deceitful person.

Why do people tell lies ?

Almost all humans have the answer to this question. Everyone tells a lie at some point in their life, no matter what the reason. Many times a person is compelled to lie or someone has a habit of it and they tell lies again and again. Don’t face the truth to hide your mistakes. Such persons are dirty in heart and regret for life. Although many people lie well, some are bad, but everyone speaks.

But if a person wants, he can leave the lie soon. He should accept his mistake by simply telling the truth. The advantage of this is that before making a mistake next time, he will think a thousand times that he will have to speak the truth. And because of this fear, he will not make a mistake. And when there is no mistake, there will be no need to lie.

What is it like to be a liar?

1). look at the face of the liar

When you feel that the person in front of you is lying, look closely at his face. Facial expressions completely change when lying. The color of the cheeks changes while lying, because people are ashamed of themselves because of the worry of being caught lying inside. Apart from this, swelling of the nostrils, deep breathing, frequent blinking and lip-chewing are signs that his brain is overworked.Usually, the person who is lying has a mild sense of distress, in which his brows are drawn upwards in the middle towards the forehead, giving the appearance of small lines on the forehead.

2). Pay attention to wiping your nose and covering your mouth

People wipe their nose a lot while telling lies and they don’t even pay attention to it while telling the truth. This may be due to the movement of adrenaline in the cells of the nose, which causes itching in the nose.

There is a possibility that the person telling the liar repeatedly covers his mouth with one hand or keeps his hands close to his mouth to prevent his lie from coming out. If there is tension on the face and twitching in the lips, it is a sign that the person is suffering.

3). hold on to a smile

Sometimes a smile also works to tell the truth. If you want to catch someone’s lie, then pay attention to how the other person is smiling. A true smile sees through the lips and eyes, but a liar doesn’t have a smile in their eyes. Only visible on the lips.

4). hold the worry in the face

If he is sitting very comfortably while speaking, there is no worry on his face, it means he is not lying. But on the contrary, if suddenly he starts moving his hands and feet while talking, puts his hands inside the pocket or starts moving his feet while sitting, then it means that something is wrong.

5). Recognize voice changes

Although the liar sometimes lies so clearly that you cannot recognize the fluctuations in his voice, but if you look at the speed of speaking and the pattern of breathing, you will find that both of these increase or decrease while lying. or lack thereof. The trembling of the voice also conveys the lie told very well. Sudden change in tone of voice, or hasty talking while deliberately hiding something. Not only this, the hesitation of the voice also exposes the lie.

6). turn things around

After a few moments of calmness and then re-provocation, when the person talks in a fast way at a normal pace while turning things around, then immediately realize that the person is teaching you a false bar. The person who tells lies always tries to change the topics and starts shouting loudly at the slightest thing. It is clear from this that the person is lying. To put it bluntly, if he tries to tell the truth by forcing a lie, then he will use a speech like shouting. or he will hesitate while speaking,Then the lies are clearly visible from his speech.

7) look in the eyes

When a person tells a lie, he is not able to talk by looking in the eyes of the other person. He keeps his eyes fixed while talking because he is afraid that his lie might be caught.

8). take note of things

A truthful person often elaborates more to remove the sense of mistrust from the information he is given. And the one who is trying to deceive, he will not tell much, but will definitely repeat his point again and again. If the liar is repeating the same thing over and over again, it is probably a lie. When a person makes up a lie, he tries to remember such sayings or phrases that seem believable.When the person is asked to explain, he again uses the same kind of convincing sentences.

9). hair stroke

It is often seen that people repeatedly touch their hair or lick their fingers while telling lies because they are afraid that their lies may be caught. This means that he is lying.

10). lack of confidence

The body language of an honest person is full of confidence, while a liar often raises his arm and talks. His legs are either bent inward or he keeps their movement to a minimum. His hands are also often tied behind because he does not want to show his restlessness to anyone.

11). ask questions to catch a lie

When someone lies to you, don’t hesitate to ask questions. Many times people get so entangled in answering the question that the truth comes on the tongue. Many times, on asking questions, the liar starts looking around, it is natural, but even after asking simple questions, if the person in front looks here and there, then it is a big identity if they do not make eye contact. Also liars try to avoid questions and give incomplete answers.

12). Pay attention to the person leaving something incomplete in the middle

When a clever liar wants or wants to divert everyone’s attention from himself, he interrupts and starts talking about something else without completing the sentence.

13). see sweat

When people lie, they sweat more. Actually sweating the polygraph test (used in all the movies “lie detector”) done to determine the lie is also one way to determine the lie. However, this is not a reliable way of knowing the truth. Some people also sweat profusely because of nervousness, embarrassment, or some situation in which they sweat more than usual.This is a sign that is seen along with other symbols such as trembling or trembling, shyness and some difficulty swallowing.

14). focus on anger

The anger of a person with his own body or because of the things around him, is a symbol of his lying. Anger is born as a result of the energy generated by the fear of being caught lying. To vent their restless energy, liars often appear very angry with a chair, handkerchief, or any part of their body. like cutting hands,etc.

 you will find that both of these increase or decrease while lying. or lack thereof. The trembling of the voice also conveys the lie told very well. Sudden change in tone of voice, or hasty talking while deliberately hiding something. Not only this, the hesitation of the voice also exposes the lie.

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