60 Interesting Facts About Egypt

Egypt is recognized for its ancient civilization. Famous monuments such as the Giza Pyramid Complex and the Great Sphinx are located here. Ancient Egyptian ruins such as Memphis, Thebis, Karnak and the Valley of the Kings which lie outside Luxor are an important center of archaeological study. The ruler here was known as Pharaoh. This title was used in the pre-Christian and Islamic period. It is also written by Pharaoh. The pharaoh was considered a reincarnation of the Egyptian god Horus.Horus was the god of light (the sky) and was also considered the sun. About 12% of Egypt’s workforce is employed in tourism and the Red Sea Riviera. Know interesting things related to Egypt..

Amazing Facts About Egypt

1). Egypt is the country with the largest Arab population.

2). Egypt was founded around 3150 BC.

3). Egypt is the third largest country in the world.

4). Egypt ranks 15th in terms of population.

5). The largest city in Egypt, the capital is Cairo.

6). Until the 6th century, only Christians lived in Egypt.

7) The official name of Egypt is the Arab Republic of Egypt.

8). The most ancient death penalty is also visible to us in ancient Egypt. This punishment was given to Amherst Papyree in 1500 BC, who had to kill himself by consuming poison.

9). In ancient Egypt, people worshiped about 1400 gods and goddesses.

10). There are more pyramids in Sudan than in Egypt.

11). The first pyramid in Egypt was the Step Pyramid, built by the famous Egyptian architect Imhotep in 2600 BC for the pharaoh Djoser.

12). The Statue of Liberty was to be built in Egypt itself.

13). An Egyptian city was found in the sea after 1200 years.

14). In ancient Egypt, people slept on pillows made of stone.

15). The world’s first sailing boat was built in Egypt.

16). When Egypt was ruled by Pharaoh, the currency there used to be alcohol.

17). It is said that the shape of the ancient Egyptian pyramids was created by being influenced by the spread of the sun’s rays.

18). In ancient Egypt, killing a cat was punishable by death.

19). In ancient Egypt, if a cat passed in front of someone, then all the members of the household had to shave their eyes in mourning.

20). In ancient Egypt, a pig’s eye was inserted into the patient’s ear during the treatment of blindness.

Why Egypt Is Famous?

21). The male literacy rate in Egypt is around 84% while that of females is only 60%.

22). Egypt receives only 1 inch of rain every year.

23). It is believed that the clock was discovered in Egypt itself.

24). Animal husbandry has also started from Egypt itself.

25). Tourism employs 12 percent of Egypt’s workforce.

26). In ancient Egypt, servants were smeared in honey to keep bees away from the king.

27). As of 2015, every Egyptian president had to leave his office due to being arrested or killed.

28). About 2000 km square of land is lying unclaimed on the border of Egypt and Sudan.

29). In ancient Egypt, people used to wrap dead humans in bandages, which we today call mummies. 1.6km (1 mile) long strips have been found on a mummy. Small amounts of nicotine and cocaine have also been found in some mummies.

30). In Egypt, both men and women wear eye makeup, which is called kohl. According to them, it has a miraculous cooling power that protects our eyes from infection.

31). The ancient Egyptians brought more water and floods in the Nile every year from the tears of the goddess Isis. They celebrate this flood with enthusiasm and zeal in the name of the festival “Raat of Tears”.

32). The practice of wearing rings at weddings originated in Egypt.

33). Toilets have been found inside some tombs in Egypt.

34). Some people believe that the Titanic was sunk in the area of ​​Egypt itself.

35). The world’s oldest dress has been found from Egypt itself. Which is 5000 years old.

36). Egyptian history has had its share of foreign powers and internal kings (pharaohs). The empire, which had been running since 4000 years before Christ, came to an end after the invasion of Iranians in the sixth century BC.

37). The last indigenous kingdom in Egypt was that of the Persians, who ruled until 341 AD, after which they were replaced by Greeks, Romans and Byzantines.

38). Ancient Egyptians believed that mummification could safely lead the dead to reincarnation.

39). Bread was the staple food of the ancient Egyptians and wine was the main drink. Many people used to ask to keep wine vessels in the grave with them so that there would be no shortage of wine in the next world.

40). Napoleon went to Egypt on 1 July 1798 but it could not succeed in his mission and after 3 years, 2 months and 1 day returned to France on 2 September 1801.

Facts About Egypt Pyramid

41). The reign of Pharaoh Pepi II (2246–2152 BC) was the longest in history – 94 years. He became the king of Egypt when he was only 6 years old.

42). In the long history of Egypt, it was known by different names such as during the rule of ancient kingdoms (2650-2134 B.C.), Egypt was called Kemet or Black land. It was also called Deshart or Red Land because of the vast deserts. Later it was called Hwt-ka-Ptah, of which Ptah was the name of an ancient Egyptian deity.

The Greek people later named Hwt-ka-Ptah as Aegyptus which changed to Egypt after years.

43). Egypt is the most populous Muslim country as well as the most populous country in North Africa. As of 2017 it has a population of approximately 9,38,54,000 and more than half of which lives in cities.

44). Egypt holds 0.6% of the world’s water. Most of the population here lives on the banks of the Nile. It receives only 1 inch of rain every year.

45). In 1882 Britain enslaved Egypt. Then on February 28, 1922, it was hardly independent. But it declared itself a republic on 18 June 1953.

46). 150 years ago, Americans and Europeans believed that mummies had enormous healing powers. They put the mummy in powder from bottom to top and used it as a medicine for all kinds of diseases.

47). An Egyptian father named his newborn “Facebook” in view of the important role Facebook played in the 2011 Egyptian Revolution. The full name of their newborn baby is Facebook Jamal Ibrahim.

48). The world’s oldest song with lyrics, which is about love.. that too has been found in Egypt. It was written about 4300 years ago.

49). In ancient Egypt, there were 12 months of 30 days each. Festivals were also celebrated on the last 5 days so that 365 days of the year could be completed.

50). The ancient Egyptians had 70% of the correct way to test a pregnancy. If these seeds sprouted after the woman urinated on certain seeds, then she was pregnant.

51). Egypt also holds the record for the execution of about 529 people in a single day. On March 25, 2014, an Egyptian criminal court sentenced them to death for the 2013 riots.

52). Egyptians used to bury mummies with toothpicks. It is believed that the inhabitants of ancient Egypt had introduced a kind of toothpaste. They used a mixture of ox hooves powder, burnt egg bark and ash to make it.

53). In ancient Egypt, when someone died, a face mask was worn to make it easier for the soul to recognize the body again.

54). Ancient Egyptian women were free. She could buy land, become a judge and write her will. If she worked outside, she was given equal pay. She could even divorce and remarry. She could also enter into a pre-wedding contract, in which she could express her views on what was brought to the wedding.

55). When Hillary Clinton came to Egypt in 2012, the mob threw shoes and tomatoes at her. This is probably the first time that such a big leader has been humiliated like this in another country.

56). Although all the pyramids built in Egypt are full of secrets, but most of them are hidden in the tunnels present inside the pyramids of Giza.

57). Why were the pyramids located in Egypt built? The correct answer has not been found till date, but scientists believe that these pyramids were built for the tombs of the kings and queens of that time.

58). The weight of the stones used in the pyramids built in Egypt is up to 70 thousand kg. Even in today’s time, a big crane can lift a weight of up to 20 thousand kg, so how would those people have lifted up to 70 thousand kg 4000 years ago? Even this has not been understood till date.

59). How did the pyramids become so perfect? If we find out the center of the whole earth, then it is known that the middle point of the earth is this pyramid.It is clear from this that the technology that was used at that time is from some other world.

60). Another shocking fact is that the temperature inside the pyramid always remains 20 degrees. These are also wonderful.

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