Causes Of Low Confidence

Confidence is considered a very important part of our personality because it reveals our personality. Just as it is necessary for us to wear good clothes, it is also very important for us to be confident, but sometimes due to some reason we lose our confidence.

We do not even know why we are losing our confidence, that’s why in this article we will tell you reasons Why your confidence level is low?

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So that you can know why your confidence is decreasing and you should not do things that lower your confidence. Along with this, we will also tell you that if your confidence has decreased, then we will also tell you such ways by which you can increase your confidence.

Reasons Of Low Confidence


You must have seen that some people’s parents remain silent as well as their children are also very quiet and calm or if someone’s parents are a little timid, then their children are also like that. This happens because the confidence of people decreases due to their genes.

Life experience

In our life, we see many ups and downs, some things are good, some are bad and some things are such which have a direct effect on our personality and which affects our personality very much.

Parenting style

Many times the way parents raise their children also greatly affects their inner confidence where some parents always encourage their children and encourage them to do better things in their life.

On the other hand, some parents always keep taking out the faults in everything for their children and say the same bad things, due to which the children who happen to this do not have any confidence in themselves and especially in their work and this is the reason. Cheese destroys the confidence in them.

Bully, harassment, humiliation

When we are small then we are developing and at that time not everyone is very powerful because of which those who are strong kids harass and pull other children sometimes this thing is very deep Levels up.

Due to which people become very embarrassed and fall in their own eyes. If a child is bullied or harassed in a very dirty way in school, then such a child will not have any confidence in himself.


People have many types of trauma and some have these traumas from childhood. Trauma can be at any level, emotional level, physical level, mental level.

If people have any kind of trauma or something very bad has happened to them in their life, then because of this they also lose their inner confidence because the memory of bad things that happened to them does not leave their side.


Everyone feels that if they pressurize their children to do some work, then their children will do that work. Whether it is a matter of studies or sports or choosing a career, parents keep pressure on their children.

Parents who try to control their children’s life excessively, the door of their children’s life goes to their parents and in such an environment, the first elders are not able to make decisions in their life.

Gender race

Believe it or not, even today most people see the difference between a boy and a girl and raise their children accordingly, they promote more independence to their boys, but they keep the girls suppressed, due to which the girls openly She is not able to live her life and starts living in fear, due to which she lacks a lot of confidence.

Wrong information

Some people do not know what it means to be confident, so they do not feel confident in themselves even due to wrong information, they feel that they are not able to do any work properly, then they are useless. is or is not worth any work.

Whereas the truth is that no human can do anything in a perfect way. And if you run after Perfectionism then you will never be satisfied with your work and will always feel low.

Because of the people around us

The kind of people around us have a great impact on our personality, if there are people around us who always motivate us to move forward or make us believe that we are good as we are, then our confidence is very high. grows up

But on the other hand, if there are people around us who make us feel all the time that we are not worth anyone or we have too many shortcomings, then because of this our confidence starts decreasing.

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