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America’s famous writer Mark Twain has rightly said about habit that “Habit is habit and it is not thrown out of the window by any person.” Yes, a ladder or a half can be moved. Habit is such a thing that destroys many human beings and inhabits many. Many people are also successful because of their habit and many people drown completely. Although everyone wants to leave their bad habit, the bad habit does not go away quickly. If you are also troubled by your habit, then this post is for you, here are the ways to quit bad habit.

Breaking Bad Habit Psycology

1). Quit your bad habit one by one

It is difficult for any person to change himself or mold a good habit at once. So change your habits one by one. First of all you should notice that what is the worst habit in you? Then think about how to change that habit. After that start the change. There will be problem in changing the habit in the beginning, but do not give up. In any case, try to give up the bad habit. If you keep on improving your regular habit, then surely your habit will change.It takes 15 to 90 days to change any habit.

2). Stay away from bad habits

The biggest reason behind a bad habit is consistency. It is not necessary that people make bad habits when they live with bad people, but in many places it is seen that like living with people, it becomes such a habit. As if a boy must have seen that if his friend is an alcoholic and that boy has been with him for a long time, then he also gets addicted to alcohol. And the biggest problem is when you are leaving a bad habit and then live with the same people who are used to this bad habit.

3). Try to be with good people

When you stay with good people, it will affect you too. It will inspire you to change in yourself. Also you will start hating bad habits. And it will help you to quit your bad habit. So try to change the habit you want, then stay with people who have good habits.

4). Think about the consequences of a bad habit

Every bad habit has bad consequences. If you have any bad habit due to which you are facing trouble, then remember this problem. When you start fearing the consequences of a bad habit, then it is certain that you will leave that bad habit.

How To Get Rid Of Bad Habit

5). Make a new habit

Most experts believe that to get rid of any bad habit, we have to make a new good habit, meaning that if we are very upset with any of our bad habits,Which is stopping us from being successful, then how do we stop that habit or more than the disadvantages of that habit, we have to adopt such a new good habit, we have to think about the benefits of such a good new habit which will lead us to success. Can go If we adopt such a habit, then our good habit gets replaced by that bad habit and takes its place.

6). Admit your mistake

Good people or successful people know that time is very important in their life, that is why they do not like to waste any time. Whenever they realize the mistake done by them, they immediately take responsibility for it and try to rectify their mistake. They not only carry their responsibilities with them but also understand the responsibilities of others.

7) Try Using Negative Reinforcement

Remove some bad habits from yourself- as a motivator. For example, promise yourself that you’ll finish your essay by Friday night, so you can get rid of your daily chores or anything you don’t like.

8). Keep yourself busy

Keep yourself busy to stay away from bad habits. Engage yourself in some favorite activity like sports, books, movies etc. Try not to be alone.

9). Analyse

It is also very important to analyze how much any habit affects you. The things that keep going on in our mind over and over again become habit, so focus on something which is good.

10). Try Aversion Therapy

Although aversion therapy doesn’t work for everyone, what’s the problem with trying it once, for example, if you have a habit of smoking cigarettes, imagine a bad picture of the cigarette and think about its worst effect.


How long does it take to change new habits? 

Ans It takes 18 to 254 days for any person to develop any new habits or change a new habits. And it can take an average of 66 days for the new behavior to become automatic.

Why is it difficult to change any  habits?

The difficulty in developing any new habits comes because your mind and body like to be in comfort. When you are in the comfort zone, the dopamine hormone is secreted in your mind.

Dopamine makes your mind feel happy, and when you step out of the comfort zone, your mind tries to stop you again and again. This is why new good habits are difficult to develop but not impossible.

Is it possible to change habits? 

Yes absolutely possible, you can change and develop any habits. Changing new habits is not easy but not impossible. You can change your habits based on your daily routine and mentally strong, decision making, focus on one thing.

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