How To Meditate? Full Meditation Process,Stages Explained For Beginners

What is Meditation?

Meditation means to meditate, to concentrate. Meditation is one such ancient Indian method that helps to make your mind and mind calm and focused. Often our minds do not feel in one place for some reason or the other and there is a ruckus in the mind, due to which we are not able to work properly towards our goal. In such a situation, with meditation, you can conquer your mind and maintain peace in your mind.

The main purpose of meditation is to calm your mind and slowly take your inner peace to a higher place. A calm and focused person can easily achieve his goal. It is believed that meditation can be done only in an ashram or a quiet place. But, if you have practice, you can meditate at home.

How To Do Meditation For Begginers?

Choose a quiet place: –

For meditation, a good and quiet place should be done. You should decide on a place which is peaceful and serene. It is very important that there is no noise and pollution when you sit for meditation. It will help to keep our mind under control and due to any tension our mind will not be able to run anywhere. Choose the place in such a way that no one disturbs you there. You should be alone in that place, so that you can use that whole time only for yourself. Whether you do it for 5 minutes or for an hour.

Keep away the distracting things: –

At the time of meditation, turn off the TV, radio, mobile at that time. Choose the maximum natural place. Such as a tree, field, or river bank. However, background music is very important for meditation. Therefore, if you want, you can play any sweet sound in a light sound.

Wear loose clothes: –

One of the main goals of meditation is to keep the body away from external things. You need to feel physically uncomfortable. Loose clothes should be worn during meditation. Keep your shoes away from you. If you are feeling cold then you can wear sweater and keep distance from outside things in your mind. Do not keep any kind of external tension inside the mind or do not do it in a hurry. It means to sit for meditation with a complete cool mind.

Sitting Method:-

Try to sit straight and keep your spine as straight as possible without putting pressure on your body. You can choose to sit either on a bed or on a carpet or a chair on the floor. The usual position for meditation is to sit in a quartet but if this is uncomfortable, you can choose to sit with your legs spread apart or in a position in which you feel extremely comfortable and comfortable. The effectiveness of meditation techniques is highly dependent on the level of comfort.

How To Start Meditation Process?

Try to keep your eyes open:-

Most people keep some centric things in front of their eyes. Like the diya, the swastika point, it is easy to do it with hum concentration.

Warm up the body: –

Warming up the body a little before doing meditation will remove the stiffness of the body. Also, it will make your body lighter and you will be able to concentrate more while meditating. With the warm up, you will be able to sit well keeping the waist straight.

Stages of Meditation

If you want, you can keep the stage of meditation according to you. You can do meditation while standing, lying down, sitting. Many people believe that meditation cannot be done while standing. But it is not so. For some people who cannot sit properly with a cradle or who cannot lie in one position for a long time, this position solves the problem..

Control your breath, focus on the breath. First few seconds, then a few minutes later, then go on increasing like this. The movement of breath has been recognized as an essential element in yoga. This is how we are connected to the inner and outer worlds. Our age decreases and increases with the speed of breathing. All can be controlled by controlling the breath. That is why breathing exercises help in focusing and activating the mind.While meditating, when the mind is wandering unsteadily, by concentrating on the breathing activity, gradually the mind and mind become stable and meditation starts. While meditating, taking deep breaths and exhaling slowly gives physical and mental benefits, while meditation gets momentum.

Try to increase the speed of your breathing and try to contract and expand your abdomen. It will definitely help you that your mind is stable.

Begin to visualize a specific object in your mind. And try to concentrate on the object as yourself. Try to imagine yourself in the shape, color and texture of the object.By doing this you will start feeling relaxed and at peace. If the scene doesn’t come naturally. Don’t force yourself to think so that your mind is not comfortable. You can simply start concentrating on a few things around you and slowly start seeing yourself in the object.

While meditating, always keep your face towards the north or east direction. And you should try that whenever you meditate, you should meditate on an empty stomach. Because by meditating on an empty stomach, you will be able to focus your mind easily. But some people have problems due to empty stomach, then those people should not meditate on empty stomach and before meditating, take some light flower-vegetarian food and after having food, when they are relaxed, then they should meditate.

Meditation should be done everyday: –

If you meditate for a day or two and then do not do it for a day or two, then you will not get any benefit from meditating for that one or two days. And meditate every day at the same time, not that one day meditate at a different time and the other day at a different time. If you meditate at different times, then you will not be able to concentrate your attention well. So do it everyday and keep a fixed time and do it at the same time.

Meditation gives you strength and energy, both mentally and physically. Meditation is a process that removes negative thoughts from your mind and brings peace and consciousness to you.

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