Overthinking, Symptoms, Consequences

What Is Overthinking?

You have something in your mind and constantly thinking about that thing, keep running the horses of your mind. Thoughts become very deep and you start thinking about the consequences, events and possibilities related to it. This is what overthinking does.

Though it is necessary to think in some places but without working, without thinking about important things the whole day is not wrong…it is very wrong.

Let us now know the symptoms of overthinking, that is, if a person overthinking, then what are the symptoms he has to give in it -:

  • You are always worried
  • You keep regretting the mistakes you made in your life.
  • You worry too much about your future,
  • You keep thinking again and again about the events or moments that happened in your past,
  • Sometimes you are talking to someone, then your attention goes to your own thoughts instead of his words.
  • You keep the embarrassing moments of your life in your mind again and again.

Consequences of overthinking:

  • This increases the tension.
  • Decision making ability is reduced.
  • Due to over-thinking, man keeps on thinking, does nothing. This makes it inactive.
  • It blocks new positive thoughts.
  • Can ruin anyone’s life.
  • Frustration (depression) increases.
  • Man becomes very weak mentally.
  • Starts doubting everything.
  • There is a lack of concentration, due to which he is not able to concentrate properly in his daily activities.

Avoiding Overthinking

1. Distract:

Whenever there is overthinking, immediately actively engage your attention and space. Immediately listen to a song or start playing a game or read something or start doing pushups. This will divert your mind and avoid overthinking.

2. Be aware of yourself

To stop anything, it is very important to know that it is happening. Overthinking is a flood of ideas. Due to which stress and anxiety increase and there is a lack of concentration. It is visible both physically and mentally. Therefore, whenever you have such thoughts, immediately be alert and cut off the stream of thoughts.

3. Don’t Suppress Your Thoughts

We know that by pressing, tying and holding anything, it inflames it more. Whenever there is overthinking, do not try to forcefully stop the thoughts. Instead, busy yourself with other things. As told earlier, listen to the songs or start working on something else. This is called diverting thoughts or changing their direction.

4. Just watch your thoughts

Instead of getting entangled in useless thoughts, become an observer yourself, observe the interactions of thoughts. Then a little laughed at them and said that why are they running in vain without any meaning.

In this way you will isolate yourself from them and then you can bring your attention to your work.

5. Set Reminder

Your brain is such that it keeps working in “default mode” until it receives other instructions.

So set reminders on your mobile or laptop and put some sticky notes around you. So that you may remember again and again that the horses of thoughts have to be given rest.

6. Meditation

It is not possible to remove the habit of overthinking at all. It’s like resetting your mind.

For this you have to meditate. While meditating, you have to focus on your breath. You can also start counting at (1,2,3….). In the beginning, do this for 5-10 minutes. Afterwards, gradually increase the time.

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