How To Treat Ear Pain? Causes, Prevention

Ear pain is very painful. Ear pain can be due to many reasons. Ear pain can occur due to an infection, changing weather or accumulation of earwax. Sometimes, due to water getting into the ear, there is pain in the ear. People often use medicines and ear drops when there is pain in the ear. However, you can also use home remedies to get rid of ear pain. But use these home remedies only if your ear pain level is normal.

What is Ear Pain?

In Ayurvedic texts, ear pain is called earache, in which Vata, Pitta, Kapha and blood are contaminated. Due to improper diet, the air in the ear combined with the aggravated Vata, Pitta, Kapha and blood doshas moves abnormally, thus causing severe pain around the ear.

Causes of Ear Pain

  • Ear pain does not happen for just one reason. There are many reasons behind this happening-
  • If the cold and cold persist for a long time, then there may be pain in the ear.
  • Ear pain can occur due to rupture of the eardrum or a hole in the eardrum, there can be many reasons for this, such as putting an object in the ear, severe head injury, very loud noise, middle ear infection.
  • Otitis media is a common cause of ear pain in children. This is an infection occurring in the middle ear. There is severe pain in the ear. Other symptoms include high fever, persistent ear pain, and difficulty in hearing.
  • Due to water getting in the ear or due to accumulation of wax, there is pain in the ear.
  • The most common cause of earache in children is an infection or cold or when cleaning the ear with a sharp object causes pain.
  • Many times while taking a bath, soap or shampoo left in the ear also causes pain in the ear.
  • Due to bacterial infection in the tooth, ear pain also starts.
  • Swelling in the jaw
  • Pimples in ear
  • There is also pain due to the entry of any foreign object or insect in the ear.

Home Remedies For Ear Pain

  • Garlic oil

Garlic has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce inflammation. This is the reason why garlic is effective in relieving earache. Garlic also has antibiotic properties, which provides relief in pain due to any infection.

Heat a spoonful of mustard or sesame oil on a low flame and put two to three finely chopped garlic in it. Heat the oil till the garlic turns brown and then sieve it. Let the oil be lukewarm and then pour it into the ear. After this, close the ear with cotton. You will get relief within 10 minutes.

  • Holy basil –

Tulsi leaves have antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties. It is also helpful in curing ear infections along with earache. Grind basil leaves and filter its juice and put one to two drops in the ear.

  •  Olive oil –

Warm olive oil and put it in the ear when it is lukewarm, it provides relief. Before that, discuss with your doctor. Put 2 drops of olive oil in the ear.

  • Tea tree oil –

It is used as a natural remedy. This oil has antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal properties. Which is a great remedy for earache. This oil will be available online and offline. You will get it easily available in any store. Use it mixed with sesame oil, coconut oil or olive oil.

  • Neem tree –

Neem has the properties to remove infection. It is known as a medicine for earache. Grind neem leaves and now extract its juice. Put 2-3 drops of this juice in the ear, it cures ear infection, itching and pain.

  • Wood Apple to Get Relief from Ear Pain

Wood apple can be used due to ear pain or any kind of infection. It acts like a medicine for earache. For this, take the root of the wood apple tree. Now burn it by dipping it in neem oil. Put the oil that will seep out of it directly in your ear. This will give a lot of relief from ear infection and pain.

  • Fenugreek Relief from Ear Pain

Fenugreek can be used to relieve ear pain. For this, grind the fenugreek. Now mix some cow’s milk in it. Put a few drops of the prepared mixture in your ear. It is very beneficial in curing ear infections. Along with this, you can get a lot of relief from ear pain.

  • Onion Juice for Ear Pain

Onion juice can be used to relieve ear pain. For this, take out 1 teaspoon of onion juice. Now warm this juice slightly. Now put 2 to 3 drops of this juice in your ear. Using this juice 2 to 3 times a day can be of great benefit.

  • Mango Leave Remedy for Ear Pain

Ayurveda explains that mango leaves can act like medicine for ear pain. In case of ear pain, grind fresh mango leaves. Now take out the juice from it. Now put it in your ear with the help of a dropper. With this ear pain can be treated. In case of infection and ear pain, you can use it as per the advice of the doctor.

How to Prevent Ear Pain

Earache is a common problem. But the chances of this happening can be reduced to some extent. Let’s have a look at this one more time.

  • One of the causes of ear pain is sinus or cold, so the patient of ear pain should not consume cold things.
  • Do not consume junk food and stale food at all.
  • Avoid getting water or soap in the ear while bathing.
  • Do not clean the ear with any sharp or sharp object.
  • Pranayama and yoga should be done regularly.
  • Very loud sound should be avoided.

When to see a Doctor?

If the earache is not subsiding and home remedies are not providing relief or fluid is coming out of the ear, then the doctor should be contacted immediately.


In how many days does the earache get better?

You need to consult a doctor if your ear pain persists for more than 3-4 days and is accompanied by other symptoms like nausea, fever. But in case of chronic ear infection, which also includes swelling, fluid discharge, infection, it does not get better on its own.

What should not be eaten in ear pain?

In such a situation, it is most important to protect the nose, ears, throat from cold. Avoid consumption of banana, curd, ice cream, cold water, cold drinks etc. in this season.



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