Jaggery – Benefits, Side Effects, Nutritional Information

Jaggery, known as a natural sweet, is a treasure trove of health as well as taste. It has many benefits that you are unaware of. Jaggery, a substitute for sugar, is considered healthy. Jaggery is used for various dishes and sweets. Jaggery is used the most in winters. The use of jaggery increases immunity along with preventing cough and cold. Many important vitamins and nutrients are found in jaggery, so let’s know about the benefits and properties of eating jaggery.

Jaggery is known by different names in different places. In English it is called Jaggery, it is also known as Panela, Kokuto.

How jaggery is prepared

Jaggery is made from sugarcane juice. For this, sugarcane juice is kept in a big vessel and heated in the fire, which after some time takes the form of jaggery. While making jaggery, many times the dirt is cleaned with a sieve, after which pure jaggery is obtained.

Nutritional Information

  • Calories: 383.
  • Sucrose: 65–85 grams.
  • Fructose and glucose: 10–15 grams.
  • Protein: 0.4 grams.
  • Fat: 0.1 grams.
  • Iron: 11 mg, or 61% of the RDI.
  • Magnesium: 70-90 mg, or about 20% of the RDI.
  • Potassium: 1050 mg, or 30% of the RDI.
  • Manganese: 0.2–0.5 mg, or 10–20% of the RDI.

Benefits Of Jaggery

1). For Digestion –

People often like to eat sweets after meals. In such a situation, instead of eating anything made of sugar, jaggery can be consumed. It is considered good for digestion. Actually, after consuming jaggery, it can improve digestion by acting as a digestive agent in the body.

2). When it’s cold –

The use of jaggery will be like nectar for you during winters or when it is cold. Due to its warming effect, it will help in giving you relief from cold, cold and especially phlegm.

3). For anemia disease-

Jaggery can help you a lot in case of iron deficiency in the body. Jaggery is a good and accessible source of iron. Jaggery is also very beneficial for anemia patients.

4). For liver detox

The micronutrients present in jaggery show antitoxic effects, which can be helpful in flushing out toxins from the body. The benefits of eating jaggery also include detoxifying the liver.

5). To relieve fatigue

Even if you are feeling very tired or weak, jaggery can help you. Because it increases the energy level in your body, and you will not feel tired

6). To lose weight

Weight loss is also included in the benefits of eating jaggery. Actually, jaggery contains fiber, which is digested more slowly than sugar and maintains energy in the body. Due to this, the appetite remains calm for a long time and the person avoids eating again and again, due to which obesity can be avoided.

7) For asthma-

Jaggery is very beneficial in the treatment of asthma. By eating jaggery and black sesame laddus, there is no problem of asthma in winter and the necessary heat remains in the body.

8). On throttling –

In case of suffocation and constriction of voice, by eating jaggery mixed with cooked rice, the sitting throat is cured and the voice is also opened.

9). In periods –

Jaggery is also very beneficial for women to give relief in menstrual problems. Consuming jaggery in those days will give relief in all kinds of problems.

10). For blood pressure-

The benefits of eating jaggery also include controlling blood pressure. Actually, jaggery contains a good amount of iron, which can help in blood pressure regulation. This can avoid the risk of increasing blood pressure. Also, jaggery contains potassium and a small amount of sodium. They maintain the balance of acids in the cells of the body.

11).benefits for hair

Jaggery is a good source of iron, due to which your hair gets the right amount of vitamin C. That’s why your hair is thick and long. Also black and healthy. It is said that, instead of shampoo twice a month, apply jaggery and multani mitti, after which your hair will become beautiful and relevant.

12). Energizer of body and reliever of pain

If you suddenly feel tired, then at such times Good Ram acts like an arrow. At such a time, you can mix jaggery with water or milk as per your wish, believe me you will definitely benefit. If you have pain in your ear, then you can take jaggery mixed with ghee and you will get relief in ear pain.

Side Effects Of Jaggery

Sugar High

If you eat more jaggery, then it increases your blood sugar, due to which many problems will start.

Body Swelling

If there is already swelling in the body, then the consumption of jaggery is very harmful for you. Jaggery is high in sucrose which can increase inflammation. Researches have also confirmed that sucrose, omega-3 fatty acids when mixed together in the body

Nose Bleeding

The taste of jaggery is very hot. In such a situation, consuming too much of it can increase the heat in the body, which can lead to bleeding from the nose.

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