Unknown Facts About Trees

Do you know that a tree gives so much oxygen a day that four people can live. Similarly, there are many such things related to trees and plants that you must know. Here are some interesting facts related to plants.

Unknown Facts About Trees

1). Every year about 5 ab trees are being planted, but the bad thing is that every year 10 ab trees are also being cut.

2). Trees are the oldest living organisms on earth, and they never die because of old age. Rather, they die due to diseases, insects and humans.

3). A fully grown pine tree produces one million seeds in a year.

4). An average-sized tree can provide enough wood to make 170,100 pencils!

5). Banana trees grow up to 20 feet.

6). Brazil is the name of the country after a tree.

7) Since the birth of human beings on earth till now we have cut 3 lakh crore trees. Every 2 seconds, as much forest as a football field is being cut.

8). A tree absorbs 21.7 kg of carbon dioxide in a year and gives enough oxygen during the day that 4 people can survive.

9). There are about 30 trillion 40 ab trees in the world. That is, more than the cells present in the Milky Way stars and human brains.

10). Russia has the highest tree in the world 641 abs. After that, there are 318 ab trees in Canada, 301 ab trees in Brazil, 228 ab trees in America, and only 35 ab trees left in India.

Interesting Facts About Trees

11). Bananas contain a natural chemical that can make people feel happy!

14). The leaves and branches of trees grown in one acre fall, its weight is one ton which is enough for natural food.

15). Tree rows reduce dust levels by up to 75%, and noise by up to 50%.

16). A tree produces as much cold as 1 A.C. does in 10 rooms for 20 hours. The area which is surrounded by trees remains 9 degrees colder than other areas.

17). The baobab tree found in Africa can store 1000 to 120,000 liters of water in its full trunk!

18). Bamboo is the fastest-growing species and some species reach up to 1 meter per hour on certain days of the year.

19). A tree absorbs carbon in a year, the same amount of carbon a car produces after driving 41,600 km.

20). Trees get 10% of their dose from the soil and 90% from the air. A tree sucks 2,000 liters of water from the earth in a year.

Amazing Facts About Trees

21). A tree absorbs about 1000 kg of carbon dioxide in its entire lifetime.

22). Oak trees are struck by lightning more than any other tree!

23). Trees planted in one acre absorb as much Co2 in 1 year as a car leaves after driving 41,000 km.

24). 20% of the world’s oxygen is produced by the Amazon forests. These forests are spread over 8 crore 15 lakh acres.

25). Trees get 10% of their food from the soil and 90% from the air.

26). Like humans, trees also get cancer. After cancer, trees start giving less oxygen.


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